With 1 million euros you live from trading

With 1 million euros you live from trading

There is a belief that to earn or live from trading you need a lot of money, for example 1 million euros. This really is FALSE.

It is true, the more money you have at the time you know how to earn, the better, with more detachment, objectivity and tranquility you operate. But it is only true in this circumstance.

If you approach trading or you have been learning for a long time and you do not win, rest assured that the more money you have, the more you can lose.

Those who have a thousand euros do the same nonsense as those who have a million. They go against the price, they move the stop, they get more and more leveraged when the price goes against their positions, they close a positive trade soon. So it doesn’t matter how much money you have because you will lose it.

My recommendation to all those who are approaching trading or are in the learning process: simulate, simulate and simulate until the results speak for themselves and are the justified cause to start trading in real.

You don’t lose because you lack money, you lose because you operate poorly.

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