Win on the Stock Market

I write this post for people who are interested in financial markets but they don’t know how to win on the stock marketwhether they have tried without success, or whether they have never participated in a serious way.

If you don’t know how to win and you participate you will lose money and you will get frustrated, and if you don’t participate you will assume a significant opportunity cost because your money will be sleeping instead of working.

If what you want is regular income for your capital, and you also want emotional peace of mind, you need two things:

1. Expert knowledge.

2. Supervised training.

The knowledge It is important because the markets work under certain principles that you need to know. Some are very basic and some are more sophisticated, but without that information you have no chance of winning consistently.

You have to know how and when to open a position, how much of your capital to participate with, how to manage exit, how to measure your performance, how to identify windows of opportunity, how to maintain your center and operate in your best interest.

But this knowledge then you have to apply it with what it is not enough for you to know, it is essential that you learn to know to do. In the same way that there is an important difference between knowing solfeggio and harmony, and playing a musical instrument, there is a difference between knowing the markets and developing the skills necessary to apply that knowledge competently.

Trading is a highly competitive activity involving some of the best minds on the planet. This is so because of its extraordinary economic potential, and since it is a zero-sum game, what a participant wins is always at the cost of what another participant loses.

Learning the mechanics of the market and jumping in is often a very bad and costly idea, comparable to a toddler competing in a 100-meter dash against Olympic athletes.

Fortunately, the internet allows access to a lot of information about the markets and one can read about indicators, systems and signals… unfortunately this is not enough because, without a progressive training planknowledge will not make us win.

At Traders International we have been teaching how to win on the Stock Market for more than ten years, we have trained more than 10,000 students and we are recognized by the international trading community. Our success is based on two premises:

1. The TIMES system that puts the odds in favor of our members.

2. The Training planwhich enables them to develop the ability to operate successfully.

The TIMES system is a set of rules that allows you to participate in a market taking advantage of the windows of opportunity: it indicates when to buy, when to sell, with what amount, at what time; in operations that last a few minutes; in the best markets in the world: regulated, liquid, volatile. It is an intraday system that takes advantage of price action and imbalances between supply and demand, to enter and exit the market quickly.

Applied to the Euro Dollar Futures market, the average monthly ticks, with a single contract, are more than 450. You can see the results here. This is a lot of opportunities to participate.

But the most interesting part of our program is the member training. What we offer them so that they can develop their abilities, and a suitable attitude contains:

  • a. The Foundation Course
  • b. The Curriculum
  • c. Individual Assessment Sessions
  • d. trading plans
  • and. Individual Feedback Sessions
  • F. Live Market Analysis Sessions
  • g. Support Sessions
  • h. Set up stats
  • Yo. Workgroup on Facebook
  • J. Complementary Video Gallery
  • k. Documentation

In this way we ensure that our members learn the basics of the system and develop the necessary skills with supervised training. They have a professional who analyzes their performance individually and makes suggestions for improvement, they have a space to see the live market and real-time analysis from a professional trader, they get answers to their questions and they can exchange knowledge with each other, In this way, their development is progressive, they feel accompanied, and they go from one level to the next until they reach the competition.

Learning to win on the Stock Exchange is a process that requires a lot of passion, a lot of desire and dedication, but its reward is disproportionate: there are very few things that are comparable to economic freedom, and the intellectual satisfaction that the markets provide.

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