Which website should I use for trading?


The 20 best trading platforms in 2022

In this guide we will discover which are the best trading platforms to invest online in financial markets.

These platforms are necessary tools to place purchase or sale orders in the financial market. There are 3 different types of negotiation platforms: Market Maker (mm), Straight Through Processing (STP) and Electronic Communication Network (ECN).

How to choose the best trading platform? These are the relevant factors to consider:

  • License: The first aspect to consider has to do with the security of our capital. Therefore, it will be important to choose only runners with a license such as CYSEC, FCA or other important supervision authorities.
  • Competitive commissions: it will be very important to choose runners without fixed commissions or with very low commissions. The same goes for differentials, which must be competitive.
  • Multi Assets: The best platform will also be the one that offers a large number of assets in which to invest, to build a balanced and diversified investment portfolio.
  • Minimum deposit: It will be useful to start investing with a small capital, so we suggest that you bet for brokers that require an initial investment of 100 euros or no more than 250.
  • Demo account: A characteristic much appreciated by customers is the possibility of investing in a demo account to test trading strategies with virtual money, without risk.

What are the best di trading platforms? By professionalism, warm of the service offered and number of customers, here are the 20 most important brokers in the world:

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What is a trading platform

A trading platform is the tool or software provided by the broker through which the trader opens, closes or modifies operations in a given market. Allows you to invest in the marked.

It also allows adding objectives and indicators to the graph to analyze the assets.

Next we will offer a list with the best trading platforms and its different versions.

Why operate on the MetaTrader Platform?

  • On any of the platforms you choose within those provided by Metatrader, the Trader may operate without any delay in your server or your computer.
  • The software is light and will not overload the systems already installed, since it is designed for quick operations and immediate executions. This feature is essential when operating in volatile markets, such as (like Ibex 35 today)
  • Apart from being easy to download and install, Metatrader has many capabilities and functions with which other platforms do not count. For example:
  • You can follow the fluctuations of the instrument prices and examine the tables and graphs. At the same time, the system marks the trends so that the operator can place its planned operations with greater certainty.
  • The platform shows and is compatible with the following graphs: Japanese candles, Heikin Ashi, as well as with the Renko tables.
  • The creation of their types of order is simple and the “Stop Losses” and the predefined objectives are executed immediately. The “Trailing Stop Loss” and the pending orders are equally very simple to use.

Main characteristics of MetaTrader

  • Expert Advisor Metatrader is an algorithmic investment platform that is directly linked to internal graphics, allowing the system to be executed when an event occurs in real time. In addition, the operator may have the advice of experts in the field and other learning tools to improve their investment strategies.
  • Personalized indicators In addition to the technical indicators already integrated into the system, each trader can independently add their own indicators, based on parameters and expectations that fit their needs.
  • Command sequences The command sequences are imposed when operators want individual execution in an action. They are only acceptable for the start of an event and cannot be processed in other stock market actions.
  • Library in the personal library of each user, the trader can store a set of personalized functions that are intended to execute their own strategy.

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