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Ninja Trader or Visual Chart | best broker account

NinjaTrader either visualchart They are two very good broker platforms to carry out your operations on the stock market. Choose one option or another is always a success but depending on your personal circumstances you may be interested in one more than another.

Here I explain the trading feesof withdrawals, of the data, its regulation, taxationplatform, …

Which broker is better? doNinja Trader or Visual Chart?

Both platforms or both brokers are very good, that is, both are recommended and choose the one you choose is always a good option. They are fully regulated, reliable brokers that work very well.

Historically, American brokers have been much more efficient in terms of commissions. They have been much cheaper and that is what has led many Spanish traders to open an account with an American broker.

Ninja Broker Review

Initial capital to open the account

Until recently in Ninja Broker It was asking for 1,000 dollars, although it has now been lowered to 400 dollars, which is somewhat more affordable for all those who want to open an account.

Ninja Broker Trading Commissions

For those who carry out an operation per month, it does not matter if they use one broker than another. If you make at least 5 operations every day you have to opt for the cheapest.

ninja has three types of commissions that separates them according to the type of platform license you have. There is an option that is with a free platform that this company offers you that you do not have to pay anything. The second option is to rent or buy the platform that comes with many more functions and if you rent it it will lower the cost of commissions and if you buy it they will lower it even more.

To operate American products what ninja trader charges between 1.89 and 2.49 for one side of the market, that is, you have to buy or sell or sell and buy. Therefore, they will charge 1.89 for those who have purchased the license and 2.49 for those who have a free license.

Guarantee requested by the broker

Here Ninja Broker beat Esfera Capital and many more brokers. He has very low guarantees.

What are the guarantees? It is the money that we have to have in the broker to be able to execute a contract. For example, for the American markets they ask us for 500 dollars and Esfera Cápital they ask us for 2300 dollars.

Low guarantees are a double-edged sword. What I recommend is that you have the least possible capital in the broker.

downtime cost

Ninja is going to charge you every month $25 every month.

data cost

Market data is that information that we receive on our platform to see in real time how the price of many markets is moving.

Ninja Broker will charge you $7 for each American market. It has a pack of the four American markets that for 21 gives you 1. You have the data of all the American markets and if you want to trade the EUREX it will charge you 23 dollars.

cost to withdraw

It will charge you for each withdrawal from the broker of your capital that you send to your bank account if you are in the United States it will charge you 30 dollars if you are outside the United States it will charge you 40 dollars.

Capital Sphere Valuation, Visual Chart Broker

Initial capital to open broker Visual Chart

You do not ask for anything to open an account. You can open an account, have it already open or fully operational and not have entered a single euro or dollar yet. To operate you will need to put money but you can start from a small amount like €50.

In short, there is no minimum capital impediment when opening an account

Costs or commissions of the operation

To operate with American products, Esfera Capital gives us two rates.

The first is a general fee for everyone who comes through it, which is much cheaper than hiring it directly with the broker.

The second is super low prices for those who execute more than 10 contracts a day which is approximately 5 complete trades.

For those who operate little on the stock market, they ask for 2.80 per side of the market and for those who operate a lot, 2.13.

As you can see it is a little more expensive than Ninja Broker but it is not something so representative that you can decide between one broker or another.

Cost for not operating

Here they will charge you 10 dollars a semester. If in 6 months you have not generated 10 dollars or 10 euros of commissions, you will be charged 10 euros for account inactivity

Cost of data in Visual Chart

Esfera Capital charges us for the market data, the first three months are free and each month, if you execute 15 contracts per month (8 operations)

withdrawal cost

Esfera Capital charges absolutely nothing for withdrawing money. From your own bank you can send money to the broker without being charged anything.

Visual Chart and Ninja Broker Trading Platform

Ninja’s platform has three options. When you download the license it is free and you do not have to pay anything at all, but when you want to start operating in real, that license is not worth it, you will have to download another license from the page. The 3 options it offers you are: free, rented or paid license.

I do not recommend the free one because it cannot do basic things, for example, for those who do scalping you cannot operate on the chart.

Visual Chart working with César and through Sphere is FREE

Which broker is better?

There are features that are better in Ninja and others that are better in Visual Chart.

Something good that Visual Chart has is that if you have to launch an order, without launching it you can see where the STOP and PROFIT are set according to simply moving the mouse over the screen.

Customer service is very important. Ninja has a very good service, it is very fast, I don’t know if they still have assistance in Spanish, but if you send them an email during American hours, they respond very quickly.

Broker regulation: if you live in the US Ninja is regulated by the NCA but if you live in Spain, a broker that is regulated here is better.

Can broker platforms be used by funded accounts?

In the case of Ninja Trader YES and in the case of Visual Chart NO.

After seeing all these alternatives and comparisons between one platform and another, you can decide which one to use.

I ended up switching to Visual Chart because it saved me market data and the cost of transfers. If you are a profitable trader and they have Ninja bought, it ends up being much more profitable for you to use Esfera Capital with the conditions that Cesar offers us.

If you are not a profitable trader I advise you to make a trading course to be profitable and that you continue with Visual Chart since you save the cost of the platform, the cost of the data and the cost of the transfers.

If you want more information about Visual Char and its conditions click on the link and you can write directly to Cesar.


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