What is trading – The basics you need to know

Trading is scary.

And it is not enough to try to light a lamp to make it disappear. Even if there is a lot of light, trading is going to be there… chasing you… because more and more people are choosing this way to earn a professional living or to get extra income at the end of the month.

But seriously now

What is Trading?

Trading is the process of buying and selling various financial instruments in a global and decentralized market. -It’s normal to be scared, you don’t understand anything that way-

In other words, trading consists of buying and selling a series of assets that have a certain value to obtain benefits. These assets can be stocks, cryptocurrencies, stock indices, commodities, and currencies. Each of these financial instruments has different characteristics and conditions, and although most have a global reach, some can only be found on the stock market of a specific country, such as the Spanish one: The Ibex35.

As a result, trading has become one of the most popular ways to make money from home. But if you’ve never traded before, it can be hard to know where to start. Stock trading, for example, involves working with a broker, which would be the platform that collects your purchase and sale requests, and where you can see their stock values ​​in real time.

Here we have prepared a blog for you so you can learn more about brokers and what they consist of: https://canaltrader.com/blog/que-es-un-broker-en-trading

Every asset has a way of behaving, so studying them before working with them is the best possible idea. Knowing how to read the charts is the most fundamental task that a trader must perform. For this there are courses and classes on Technical Market Analysis that we recommend you take if you are starting from scratch. (Basic BPT course)[(https://canaltradercom/aprender-trading-online)[(https://canaltradercom/aprender-trading-online)

Now that you know what trading is, we explain why it is an option that you should consider.

What you need to know before you start:

Trading has its risks. Normally they are operations with a high investment. Suppose you have decided to sell a stock that has risen a lot in price and you need to make a profit. To do this, you will need to identify a buyer who pays more than the current price of their shares. Next, you’ll need to decide whether to sell your shares on a particular day, for how long, and at what price. You must take this information in a glass when you read the graphs, and knowing how to answer these questions is crucial:

What asset are you going to trade?

How many assets are you going to buy or sell?

When are you going to buy and/or sell them?

Why are you going to do it?

What do you hope to achieve with this transaction?

If you are just starting out, you will probably be very nervous, so it is important to remember that trading can be very exciting once you get used to it. You should also know that not everyone has to be trading full time, although many traders do. A great advantage of trading is that you can dedicate the hours that best fit into your lifestyle. There are mothers who can only spend 2 hours a day to trade, and get extra income with which to take their children on vacation. There are traders who were civil servants until trading became their profession, as is the case of Francisca Serrano, director of Trading and Stock Exchange for clumsy

As long as you can make a profit from trading on a regular basis, it will allow you to enjoy what is really a hobby, a very different feeling than most people get from their job. The opportunities are endless. Do you have enough time?

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Study from anywhere and at any time. It’s time to change your life!

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