What are Micro E-mini Dow (MYM) futures contracts?

Micro E-mini Dow futures allow traders to speculate on the world’s most closely followed stock index in a contract 1/10th the size of standard E-mini Dow (YM) futures. The benchmark Dow Jones Industrial Average is made up of the 30 largest and most dominant in the United States.

The Dow Jones is calculated by adding the share price of each of the 30 companies in the index. The term industrial in the name is primarily a historical reference as today most companies in the index are not involved in conventional heavy industry.

Launched in May 2022 by the CME Group, Micro E-mini Dow (MYM) futures contracts present a low-cost entry point for traders wishing to participate in the US equity markets. the contract and the cards are nearly identical.

Instantly gaining popularity, the volume of Micro E-mini futures contracts exceeded 11 . 25 million contracts in just 30 trading days!

Why trade Micro E-mini Dow futures?

Micro E-mini Dow futures require less financial commitment than full-size E-minis. Therefore, the MYM is an ideal instrument for those seeking exposure to the Dow Jones Industrial Average with less capital.

Additionally, although you can only trade one YM futures contract, a trader with the same account size can flexibly move in and out of an MYM position with multiple contracts.

MYM futures provide investors with both long and short opportunities to speculate on the Dow Jones. Micro-stock futures allow traders to access the US stock markets without a large finance charge or margin requirement. Some traders trade the MYM as a way to hedge their equity exposure, while others use this benchmark futures instrument to diversify their portfolios.

Micro E-mini Dow futures contracts are electronically traded almost around the clock and have a global audience.

Micro E-mini Dow Futures Specifications:

  • Swap: Chicago Commercial Exchange (CME)
  • Class : Futures contracts
  • Trade symbol: MYM
  • Contract size: $0. 50 x the Dow Jones industrial average index
  • Price unit: U.S. dollars
  • brand size: 1
  • Brand value: $0. fifty
  • Point value: 1 = $0. fifty
  • Intraday margin: $50
  • Month of contract: March, June and September, December
  • Trading hours: Sunday – Friday 6:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. ET
  • Position limit: 100 contracts

Learn more about Micro E-mini Futures in this 2 minute video:

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