unsuccessful operator

You are trading without a Specific Trading Strategy
The main reason for opening positions for you is not clear strategy rules, but rather your own intuition. And even after several failures, it continues to repeat their mistakes due to a trader’s lack of discipline and lack of a trading journal.

Often over-trade and get margin calls

Their Instincts cause you to trade too much, open new positions over and over again, forgetting about risk and therefore getting frequent margin calls. Due to such disorderly market entries, you become very emotional, lose control and lose money quickly.

You become fond of Open Positions
Following their own emotions, you often hold on to an open position for too long, hoping that the profit will be even bigger, while forgetting about the take profit that you yourself set. As a result, a profitable position becomes unprofitable, and you begin to believe and hope that it will become profitable again, staying longer than the unprofitable position.

you are too emotional
Your mood changes with every price reversal. Forgetting about analysis, you often open new positions and lose more than your risk management can afford.

successful trader

You have an Effective Trading Plan
You have written on a piece of paper a stock strategy for any market situation and always follow the rules prescribed in the strategy. often analyze their trades in a trading journal and always remember their errors and successes.

I understand what risk is
It has clear risk management rules. Even before opening a position, you know how much you can lose on this trade and not lose more than the risk management rules allow. You don’t move your stop loss and you don’t act emotionally.

You control your emotions
You clearly follow your strategy, leaving no room for emotion. Even before you open a deal, you’ve analyzed everything and know exactly what to do – you have a plan of action.

you always fix a part of the profits
Don’t forget to protect your capital, so you close part of the position at plus or zero, and let the rest of the position grow further. Now you will not only not lose your money, but you can also earn.

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