Understanding Micrometal Futures

micro metal futures CME Group they are designed for active traders looking to trade physical gold and silver in small increments or those looking to trade a profitable alternative to larger metals contracts.

Watch this short video to learn more about trading micro metal futures:

  • Micro Gold Futures (MGC) : 1/10 of the size and required margin of the largest gold futures contract (GC).
  • Micro Silver Futures (SIL) : 1/5 of the size and required margin of the largest Silver Futures (SI) contract

Benefits of Trading Micro Metal Futures

  • More accurate coverage : Futures contracts on micro-metals allow a highly leveraged investment for more purchasing power. By using margin, you can control a large contract value with a smaller amount of capital. Note: Leverage can lead to losses in excess of initial margin, and traders should take appropriate steps to minimize risk when trading in unpredictable markets.
  • greater flexibility – Given their smaller size, Micro Metal futures offer more granularity for position management. This allows traders to start small and increase trading volume as needed.
  • Less financial commitment : Micro metal futures require less initial capital outlay and lower margins.
  • Close access 24 hours a day – Almost 24/6 metal futures contracts, making it a popular and sought after futures instrument worldwide. Metal futures offer more trading opportunities and the ability to manage positions at any time of the day.

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