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My opinion about TrainingView: Final Analysis

TrainingView is one of the best graphics platforms that currently exist and its use is worth it. It is very complete and its large number of profits makes it not have competition at the free level or if we compare its rates with those of other platforms. However, its potential when working directly through brokers or performing some type of operation is limited.

In TrainingView you can connect and operate through some brokers but not with all in the market. Therefore, if you are interested in this characteristic, you will have to check that you can do it with your broker. This can be an inconvenience if you work through automatic trading systems or if you want to run orders at high speed, since in this case you may need another different platform.

Nor is it highly recommended if you need a platform that provides detailed Orderflow data since it is not the most appropriate platform to analyze this information.

Except in very specific cases and those that I just mentioned, I recommend TrainingView for both people who are starting in trading and investment and for more advanced users.

Its use is very simple and intuitive, being the very fast learning curve.

Are there reasons to trust the market floor?

We return to these weekly comments after a couple of vacation days. We do it with the satisfaction of giving won the operation that we had in gold weeks ago. It was one of the last operations that we proposed in open through the web and tradingView. We have evidence that many of you followed it and we are happy for all of you.

The global sharing market warned us of danger
As we warned weeks ago, the loss of 539 points in the Global Dow Jones (Global Actions Market) was going to have serious consequences for the bags. Finally, it happened, and now everything points to the index will end between 480-490 points.

At this level the fall should be stopped. In case of arrival at 450 points, we would see with very good eyes a reentry in the variable income. While we are not in a hurry to return to the market, we understand how it is necessary to be clear in which sectors and values ​​we will start buying when we have to do it. Knowing when to enter is the objective of our ‘’ War in the Market ’’ report and knowing where to do it is the ‘’ Strategies in Europe and/or USA ’’ reports.

On the other hand, there is something that worries us. The SP500 (despite the increases in the latest sessions) continues to lose relative strength with respect to fixed income, with respect to the reserves of dollars and behaves much worse than the commodities market.

The best alternatives to TrainingView

TrainingView is a great social platform for merchants and investors to analyze shares, currencies and cryptocurrencies. You can use the graphics provided or create custom graphics that fit your preferences. Despite all the good things you have, you may have to find tradingView alternatives and acquire new experience. Discover below the best alternatives to trainingView

There is a long software list that offers similar functions to choose and analyze actions. If you do not have enough time to move through the pages, we make it easier. We have gathered the best tradingview alternatives to TrainingView to enter global markets and make the most of it.

The 11 best tradingview alternatives

The following tradingview alternatives have similarities with tradingView in functions or characteristics. Knowing these platforms allows you to choose one that adapts to your commercial needs and skills. Take a close look at TrainingView alternatives below and make a decision.

TrainingView: What is it, how it works and price

Do you know the TrainingView platform? Do you know how TrainingView works? In this post we will answer these questions, and you can learn more about this important platform, both for beginner and expert investors, we will also show you the main characteristics of TrainingView and its plans and prices.

TrainingView: Characteristics

The main characteristics of TrainingView are:

  • It offers graphics in HTML5.
  • It has tradingview alerts, which appear when market parameters conform to custom criteria.
  • It has the Pine programming language, which allows you to create and share your own indicators and signals.
  • It facilitates the necessary tools to carry out purchase and sale operations to achieve benefits.
  • Market data monitoring through commercial service with direct access to the most important indices, shares, future, Forex, Bitcoin and CFD.

TrainingView: How does it work?

TrainingView is a system that serves both beginners for their ease and intuition, as well as for expert bag analysts. It has graphics tools to share and visualize ideas. Through this application you can see the data in real time and online graphics, without installing any program.

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