Trading is not the solution to your problems

Trading is not the solution

Trading is not the solution to your problems. Maybe you don’t like your job, you want more income, or your life seems boring. Well, in trading you will not find that change if you come with these problems. It can even turn trading into another problem for your life.

If you want to be a trader you need time to learn and practice. As much as you want to run, you will not get it in a month. If they tell you otherwise, make the following analogy: Messi and Cristiano earn a lot of money playing football, if I try it, will I also earn a lot of money like them? Maybe yes, but almost certainly not, especially if you want to get it fast.

Trading is an activity that can provide you with money and time, but it is very important not to have any pressure to be able to learn calmly and with enough time.

As in any activity, some are more capable and have more economic memories than others. In other words, not everyone goes the same way or has the same tools.

Trading is an activity of self-improvement where the results are the fruit of your work. There is no fairer activity than trading.

Your main challenge if you want to be successful is to balance your expectations with your ability and financial resources. Earn what you can without straining the machine, that’s when you’re in balance.

Every time you continually lose or have crazy days, the reason is none other than trying to get more than you can. You put a large part of the trading account at risk. It is only a matter of time before the market gets its piece of the pie. You are to blame for exposing a large part of the account to the market.

So now you know, trading is cool, very cool, but it is not the solution to your problems.

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