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Traders! How are you? Today we will talk about another company that is dedicated to financing traders: Earn2trade. If you don’t follow my channel Jhon K. Youtube and you do not know what the financed accounts are, I will explain it to you here. These companies are dedicated to financing those traders that prove to be profitable without risking more than necessary. It is an opportunity for all those who want to live trading or simply protect their capital.

It is not the same to take an account of 1,500 dollars and risk it knowing that the vast majority are going to lose and in your case it is also very possible; to take 100 dollars and make that evaluation that if you exceed it you have 1500 dollars or more.

What do you prefer to risk 1500 dollars of yours or 100 dollars to really get the same thing?

I am evaluating myself with Earn2trade to learn all the pros and cons compared to the rest of the companies that are dedicated to financing traders.

In 2022 we already tried I have been learning about other companies that have funded accounts such as One Up Trader either top step trader where One Up Trader clearly differs in that its evaluation is the simplest and Tostep Trader is that once you pass the evaluation and your account is financed, it is much better than in the case of One Up Trader.

In 2022 I have started to study the evaluations of Earn2trade. When evaluating companies that are dedicated to financing traders, it must be done according to two criteria:

  • How is the evaluation to pass the test: if it is easier or more difficult.
  • How is the financed account that they will offer you.

In many cases there are companies that once you are financed it is practically impossible to withdraw money, therefore these companies do not interest us at all because even if they finance you, you can withdraw your capital, where is the fun?

Earn2trade has a series of products that offer a wealth of evaluations that differ greatly from the rest of the companies and, in particular, has an evaluation called GAUNTLET MINI which is the one that most resembles the rest of the companies.

Earn2trade Gauntlet Mini Evaluation

In this evaluation you have to show that you have been operating for at least 15 days and in them you have to show that you are profitable. You have to get to the benefit in which you are evaluating yourself and once you get it, they finance you with an account just like the one you got during the evaluation.

If you hit the profit target (profit target) before you will need two more days to continue operating to be financed.

In summary, even if you achieve it on the first day, you will have to continue operating until you demonstrate that you reach that goal in the first 15 days. If it takes longer, there is no problem. There is no maximum time but there is a minimum time.

Earn2trade Gauntlet Mini Funded Account Types

There are 4 types of funded accounts in this company.

  1. Profit Target:

    To fund yourself with the smallest account you will need to achieve a profit target of $1,750. As you can see in the image below, the profit target is different and proportional to the difference in the financed account you choose.

     gauntlet mini earn2trade

  2. trailing drawdown:

    It is the maximum loss that you can have from your maximum profit that you have had. For example: if you are evaluating yourself with the financed account of 1,500 dollars, you earn 500 dollars, you are still 1,500 dollars, however, if you lose 500, you stay at a thousand, if you win 500 again, it stays at 1,500, if you also earn another 500, it stays at 1,500 and if you lose 1,000 it stays at 500. Until the trailing drawdown reaches the initial capital of the account. At that moment you stop and everything you win will increase that drawdown, that is, you will have much more room for maneuver so that if you lose you do not break.

  3. Daily loss limit:

    You cannot reach this daily loss limit because if you do, you are eliminated from the evaluation Earn2trade. In this it is very similar to top step trader but regarding Oneup Trader it’s a little more complicated. Oneup Trader does not disqualify you, it simply does not let you continue trading that day, however Earn2trade disqualifies you from the evaluation directly.

What should you assess before choosing a GAUNTLET MINI financed account?

When you want to finance yourself, you must assess the maximum benefit that you have to achieve. The smaller the easier it is but you also have to assess the maximum loss.

If I have to recommend an evaluation Earn2trade I advise you to choose the one of 100 thousand dollars. Because? Maximum daily loss is very important. Don’t get carried away by the cheapest account. You need a funded account that is consistent with your type of operation.

Tiered plan in EARN2TRADE

Another very important thing about Earn2trade is that it has a staggered plan for the number of contracts you can use and if you exceed it, you screw up!

With Oneup Trader You can evaluate yourself with the total number of contracts, but once you are financed, they put a rule on how many contracts you can use based on the benefit you obtain.

Potential benefit

In this case it works the same as One Up Trader although if we compare with Topstep Trades the latter is much better.

With GAUNTLET MINI the drawdown and the number of contracts you can use are calculated in real time from the potential profit. That is, with the profit or loss that you are having in an operation that is open. You can see more examples on the channel: Jhon K. Youtube. My advice based on this is that you use the minimum number of contracts, even if you reach the goal and you can use more, it is preferable that you earn more money before raising any contract. It is better to have a lot of wiggle room.

free training

During the Earn2trade evaluation in GAUNTLET MINI They provide you with educational material that is in English and subtitled in Spanish and it may be that you find it very interesting at the time in which you are financing.

own platform

The evaluation Earn2trade It has its own platform so you don’t have to pay for licenses from any other platform if you want to evaluate yourself. It’s completely FREE and up to three months after you’re financed, so you don’t have to worry about spending money once you’re financed.

approved times

Another rule that this company has is that you cannot operate at any time. You have to leave your trades closed before the electronic closing of the markets. In Spain at approximately 22:00 and from 00:00 they reopen.

How much does the Earn2trade evaluation cost?

It depends on the evaluation you choose, it has one cost or another PER MONTH. But here you can get a 40% discount code on Earn2trade Gauntlet mini.

The most interesting of Earn2trade is that once you are financed it is at the same level as top step trader. Once you are financed from the first day you can withdraw your money. The minimum you can withdraw is $100. And the draw down does not drag And when you reach the same profit as the drawdown, the daily loss limit disappears.


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