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What trading books might interest you?

Living from trading is possible, you can become a trader full-time professional, but you’ll need to work your way up. Long before being able to earn money with this activity, it is necessary to be properly trained and informed about the entire process (technical analysis trading, markets, psychotrading, etc). Trading is not an art, it is training, methodology Y discipline. Hence the importance of Trading Courses, and trading books as a complement to your training. Training before launching into trading in the financial markets is the best investment you can make before becoming a trader.

To get into the depths of trading, you can do it through a Trading Course, but you can also start by reading some quality books, full of knowledge from people who have come to live from trading and who tell their experience. As a trader you should take note of some of the best trading books in spanish nowadays.

Some Trading books in Spanish

Keep in mind that there are more and more book publications that appear about trading, but it is not always about quality content that is really useful for those interested in the subject. Hence in the list of trading books in spanish Only those that deal with the ins and outs of the stock market and trading properly (technical analysis, psychotrading, markets) should be found.

It should be remembered that living from trading is a goal that cannot be achieved overnight, it requires investment in terms of time before reaching the level of the best traders, and that at first it will seem confusing and complex to understand, so that it is not advisable to rush and make an investment in the time necessary to train with Trading courses and books.

  • Technical analysis of financial marketsby JJ Murphy. This book is considered by many to be the “technical analysis bible” and it is an invaluable tool for studying market movements in the stock market.
  • Live from trading, by Alexander Elder. Fantastic book about the psychotrading from a very practical point of view. Essential if you want to dedicate yourself to the world of the stock market and trading.
  • Trading in the area, by Mark Douglas. This book focuses exclusively on emotional management at the time of trading. You will not really find systems, or market analysis, or anything about the stock market, but it is a book that explains emotional situations experienced by the trader and how to deal with them.
  • be successful in trading, by Van Tharp. Good book to learn about money management in trading. You will learn to better manage your money as a trader.
  • Psychotrading, Emotional management of the investor, by German Antelo. In this book you will find the collapse of many false beliefs that traders have and that revolve around this profession, you will see how psychotrading can help you overcome them, through several very effective tools that every trader should know.

In all these books it is possible to find the personal experiences of the traders, advice to become a trader, and even part of the history of trading and some strategies to follow to achieve the objectives in the shortest possible time. Buying a book from the list above, as well as a trading course, is the best investment (because it hardly involves an outlay of money) that you can make if you want to become a successful trader.

Remember that the success of an investor It will be based on solid training, on a correct reading of the market and on good training with stock market and technical analysis courses and books.

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