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Online habits acquired during the pandemic are not consolidated, and large multinationals such as Amazon reduce their growth plans

It seemed that electronic commerce was going to destroy the traditional trade due to the boom that lived during the pandemic, but after the end of the restrictions the first indicators begin to show the opposite, that the habits acquired by the consumer during the confinement were not They have consolidated: physical trade still has a pull.

In the United States, cradle of digitalization, the growth of internet sales in the first quarter has slowed up to 6.7%, a rhythm even lower than registered before the pandemic, as reflected in the graph extracted from The data of the United States Department of Commerce. And, consequently, large companies are braking their growth plans. The most striking case is that of Amazon, which this year has paralyzed the construction of warehouses of more than nine million square meters of surface and is negotiating to rent infrautilized spaces, as reported this week The Wall Street Journal. The decision follows disappointing quarterly results, with losses that were not registered since the year 2014 and income that only grew 7%, a low pace if compared to those obtained during the last 20 years.

2. Optimization of the Application Store

The optimization of the application store (ASO) is the process by which the visibility of your application in App Store and Google Play Store is improved. This process is essential for the route of your users because, even if the campaign directs a large number of potential users to the application store, your application must still be well presented to complete the installation. The ASO process can also attract non cost organic users.

As with the SEO process, the ASO process requires that you identify and use keywords to help your application achieve a good position in the classification of the application store. It is also essential to include screenshots and a video of your application in operation. In addition, you can use secondary applications categories so that users have more than one option to find your application. If possible, you must also translate and locate the publication of your application in the application store. Check our electronic book dedicated to helping you achieve a good position in the classification of the application store to obtain a complete guide on the ASO process.

How to do it in TrainingView?

Without a doubt, TrainingView is one of the best platforms to perform backtesting. That is why today we will discover in detail how to do it and get the most out.

The backtesting tool is available only for the pro application versions.

To use it, the first thing we will do is go to the graphic. While inside, click on the tenth button from left to right, located at the top of the screen, you name bars reproduction.

Thus, the TrainingView Backtesting tool will already be in your hands. Now with the red vertical line that comes out on the screen, select the point you want to go back.

Immediately the graph will be updated to the point you chose. You can start analyzing using all technical tools such as support and trend lines, indicators, fibonacci, channels, etc.

What is backtesting?

Backtesting is a way to evaluate trading techniques and strategies, analyzing what could happen if the parameters of a plan were applied according to the past behavior of an asset.

In this way, trader can evaluate the effectiveness of its strategy, correct errors and improve its trust.

This way of evaluating strategies is one of the best, and although it can have some disadvantages such as lack of live market exposure and the emotions that this cause is compared to being able to perform many tests in a short time, with the purpose of evaluating, improving and collecting results.

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