Traders are crazy

Traders are screwed

Trading is an activity that is based on logic where many of those who operate are totally illogical, they are pirates!

You imagine that you start a business and if it goes well, you close it quickly and if it goes poorly, that you lose money, you let it continue. Well, this is what most traders do. They quickly close a positive trade and if the trade goes negative they let it continue. Well, some even expand the business, set up a chain, keep investing more and more until they go bankrupt. Yes, they put and put more money when they are losing, they are in the opposite direction in which the price moves, until they run out of a single euro in their account.

Don’t tell me they’re not a little crazy.

You want more proof. Trading is one of the few activities where they let you simulate before making decisions in real, let’s go with money. Well, even so, some who only lose decide to embark on the adventure of opening the business. And others who win, do not dare out of fear.

If they are taraos!! They are afraid to win and hope when they are losing. Can you imagine that you cast the lottery and when you see that your numbers are coming out, before the last one comes out you decide to tear up the ticket? Because of fear?

And on top of that, they don’t realize what’s happening to them. Some come to me and tell me: I’m worried, I have a headache, I suffer from insomnia, nausea, dizziness, I have chest pressure, lack of appetite, I’m depressed, I even have a breakdown… What’s wrong with me, Victor?

I tell them, you have tried to close your operations on the stock market. Those in which you lose your life.

Hey and holy hand, all evils are removed at the moment.

Why do they get so mean? Because they believe that as long as they do not close an operation, the loss has not occurred. Yes, the trade does not appear on the broker’s statement until it is closed, but the loss is real.

The trial and error method until they win is not for them, they don’t want it, they go straight to error with all their capital.

Finally. The last nonsense that occurs to them is when they see that a market is very expensive, they go crazy to buy it and when it is very cheap they sell it. That is to say, if the market reaches a price where sales continually come out that turn the price down, then they buy! And if the market reaches an area where purchases continually come out, they sell there! If they are freaks.

They play at being right, and wanting to be right costs money and in the end you don’t have it.

So if you are interested in trading, with these you will have it very easy. … Unless you are another pirao!!

We all have been, and we can relapse. For all these trading freaks I recommend three books that have helped me:

  • Trading in the Mark Douglas Zone.
  • Pisocotrading by Germán Antelo
  • Letters to the trader from Jordi Grau and Luis David Pérez in which they also mention a server. Thank you very much!

You know, don’t be a trading freak… and until next time!

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