Equities Scare Millennials And This Is Bad News For That Generation

102 million millennials are living in the EU, which would represent 20% of its population, while the Baby Boomers assume a significantly higher weight (23.4%). If we focus on Spain, the millennial generation is as relevant as in the EU (18.7%)being Generation X the one that today acquires the most significant share (26.2%). Given its … Read more

Trading brokers in football

Advertising of Brokers in Soccer In recent years there has been a new player in the world of advertising in Spanish football: the contract for difference brokers (CFDs, for its acronym in English). But what are contracts for difference? They are financial derivatives in which the investor bets that the price of a certain asset … Read more

Winter Olympics Experiment Proves Crypto Is Not Ready For The Physical World (And May Never Be)

Although many people are not aware, these days the winter olympics are being held in beijingan event that should be historic for the Chinese capital and that is going unnoticed by the pandemic and the radical zero Covid policy that the Chinese authorities have been following for two years. Therefore, something that was expected to … Read more

What is a Stock Index?

A stock index is a calculated average of the prices of selected stocks that represent a particular market or sector. An index is like a ‘basket’ of stocks that provides a broad cross-section of an industry, sector or national economy. The collective performance of these stocks provides a good indication of the trends in the … Read more

Analyze companies only with the PER

The PER ratio (Price Earning Ratio) is probably the ratio most used by the investment community. It is obtained by relating the capitalization of a company to its profits or, what is the same, its price divided by earnings per share (EPS). If a company is listed at 100 euros and its EPS is 5 … Read more

How to use the Elder Ray indicator?

The Elder Ray indicator is used for analysis and trading. In the end, we will see what are the trading rules established by Alexander Elder. However, before we get into the operation, it is necessary to know the components that give the essence to this indicator. Components To understand this indicator we must pay attention … Read more

How Blackrock remains in the spotlight for talking about sustainable investment rather than investor return

Sustainable investment is in the focus of attention of large fund managers. A trend that is driven by public sector initiatives to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

On the part of investors, including the incorporation of climate transition factors in investment decisions, there has been strong growth in the use of ESG approaches: A (environmental), S (social) and G (corporate governance).

At the same time, ESG investing has become a leading form of sustainable financing for long-term value and alignment with society’s values, and has evolved from its earliest stages of development to mainstream investment.

The environmental score of the “A” pillar of the ESG rating is increasingly used as a tool to align the investments with a low-carbon transitionand in principle could help uncover valuable forward-looking information on companies’ climate transition risks and opportunities.

In addition, a number of financial market products and practices have emerged to align capital flows with the low-carbon transition. These cover instruments for issuers, third-party ratings, principles and guidanceas well as index and portfolio products to help channel funding to entities in transition, and better price transition risks and opportunities.

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ATR indicator

Do you know what the ATR indicator is? The Average True Range (ATR indicator) or True Average Range, is a measure of volatility created by J. Welles Wilder Jr, in his book New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems, in 1978. As a curiosity, its creator is the creator of technical indicators as famous as the … Read more

An interesting alternative investment but with risks

Hedge funds that invest in sports betting have proliferated in the investment sector. They are often structured like hedge funds because they are poorly regulated and can charge higher fees. As the world of sports betting continues to expand thanks to the digital revolution, former asset management professionals bring their skills and knowledge to the … Read more