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The LIMITATIONS of the trader

If you know your limits you will dominate your future

Furthermore, as Emilio Duró says, “there is nothing worse than a motivated fool

All traders have limitations that do not allow them to obtain greater profitability.

When we start to carry out operations to invest in the stock market, we dream of becoming rich, working little and having a relaxed life, but the reality is very different for almost everyone.


Really, if you think about it, there is nothing in life that is worthwhile if it does not require a great effort and especially if practically everyone achieves it.

We started trading to change our current life: quit the job we don’t like, get financial independence and be free. The biggest waste of time is trying to figure everything out for yourself. Therefore, I recommend that you start with the free trading course for beginners

I started to be a profitable trader at the moment when I learned to lose little and started to respect my limits.

The fastest way to be profitable in trading

It is learn in simulated. Do not even think about learning in a real way because you will not be able to learn habits or apply a strategy in a coherent way.

If you have some knowledge trading on the stock market but you are still not profitable, advanced trading course gives you the guarantee learn from your mentor until you are profitable and they will refund your money in the event that your mentor does not leave their profitable operations.

Once you are profitable you are ready to trade for real. Here you will know your limits and you will need a touch of humility to recognize your failures. Discover them and accept them. You don’t need to do two trades a day or spend 8 hours in front of screens to make a living from trading.

The limitations of the trader can be: fear of losing with more contracts, spending more time in front of the screens, watching how a trade develops objectively, making a second trade without being conditioned by the first trade, are some of the most frequent limits .

since we we started trading we are told that we must overcome these situations or trader limitations and for this the psychotrading it can help. I totally agree that getting rich is necessary, but if what you want is to be profitable as soon as possible, my advice is don’t try.

You will have time when you are profitable to exceed these limits little by little if it becomes necessary.

If you manage to live trading, live well and above all enjoy your time. You will have already won everything!

To be a trader, it is advisable to learn with a trader. The trader is the person who buys and sells financial assets. He will teach you and guide you on your movements, guiding you in your learning.

If you are curious and want to learn more, this Free Trader Initiation Course It will help you enter the stock market with common sense.

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