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Traders!! Today we will talk about the bill Pro of top step trader that they offer to those who pass the evaluation and we will compare it with the financed accounts.

Topstep Trader Pro Account

I have personally contacted Topstep Trader to bring you as much information as possible about this funded account.

The first thing, once you pass the evaluation, what you will receive are 2 emails. In one of them you will receive a congratulations for pass the Topstep Trader evaluation but surprise! You will receive a second email where they tell you that in addition to being able to choose between the financed account you will be able to choose the Topstep Trader PRO account.

Differences between the funded account and the Pro Account:

    • The Pro account is active within one or two days, however, the funded account takes between 7 and 10 days to be operational.
    • In the Pro account, the cost of the data is still free, but in the funded account, you have to pay for it and in addition, Topstep Trader classifies you as a professional, therefore, the market data you have to pay as a professional is not like a normal trader. In this case, each American market comes out at 105 dollars and it is true that you can operate in the case of the financed account also eurex products, however with the Pro account you cannot operate in eurex markets.
    • With the Topstep Trader Pro account you have the free platform, that is, you can continue trading with the free version of the platform you are using and with the funded account you have to pay for that license if you do not have it.
    • Another advantage of this account is that if you go bankrupt, you don’t have to start from the first evaluation, but you are downgraded to the second evaluation. However, if you select the funded account and bankruptcies, you have to start the evaluation process all over again.
    • The Pro account is a demo account, that’s why they give it to you so quickly, however, the funded account is real.

Do not worry about using a demo account, it is an account where everything you earn is withdrawable and you can keep it for yourself.

What is the disadvantage of the Pro account versus the funded account?

The Pro account is only good for the first 5,000 dollars of profit, once you reach it, you automatically move to a funded account. There is no option to continue, therefore, it has the advantage that you can still get those 5,000 dollars without incurring any extra expense.

It is true that if you are using one of the platforms that they offer for free, such as TSTRADER, in addition to the fact that the commissions are a little cheaper, once you are financed, that platform is still free for you.

Can you withdraw your money from the PRO account whenever you want?

You can withdraw your money whenever you want, you just have to contact them. You cannot withdraw a part, you have to withdraw all or none of what you have won.

Topstep Trader will send you the requested money to a funded account and once it is there you can withdraw it to your bank, but, if they transfer you to a funded account, the drawdown is set to 0 and you decide whether to withdraw the money before reach that profit margin to liquidate the account.

With the financed account, earn any amount and withdraw it as you like at any time because Topstep Trader differs from others in that you can withdraw money whenever you want as long as it is the amount greater than 500 dollars to do so without commissions.

Choosing between the Pro account or the funded account is completely voluntary, but I personally recommend it to you.

If you want to know how pass the Topstep Trader evaluation I’ll explain it to you in the next blog post or on my channel Youtube Jhon K. Trader also, exclusively for reading me, you have a? TOPSTEP TRADER DISCOUNT for your funded account.

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