The trading failure equation

The Failure Equation

After much observation of all those who fail in trading, I have come to the conclusion that they do it for a very specific reason that can be measured by the following equation:

To know the first variable, what I do is ask why they enter the market, why they put a stop, why they close a trade, what risk they assume, why they let losses run…

This shows me that the main base of the equation is the UNKNOWN.

Then we have a variable that powers the disaster exponentially, this variable is the EGO

The more you believe that you are right, that the market is going to do what you want, that you do not allow yourself to lose… the greater your failure will be.

But let’s not be pessimistic. It has a solution. The first thing you have to do is educate yourself. Alone or accompanied. You must master the logic of the market, rely on a simple method and manage the risk of your decisions.

Once this stage is over, all you have to do is learn more about yourself to dominate your EGO a little and become a GO, here we go.

And this is how you can be successful in trading.

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