Hello everyone, today I want to share with you a way to enter the market that will help you earn good money.

Pulse break level.

The price moves on impulses and it is important for all traders to track them.
Momentum breakout levels are considered to be the times when the price breaks resistance.
This broken level now becomes a support, to which the price returns again and bounces off. It is at this time that it will be the ideal entry point.

stop loss

We must always remember that the price may not go according to the scenario we need, and in order to reduce losses, it is worth setting a stop loss approximately above the previous high.

The strongest level.

When an uptrend changes to a downtrend (or vice versa), the strongest momentum level is formed.
It is after the price reversal that the strongest level will form, which will often prevent the price from rising and force it down.
Trading from this level increases the chance of winning.
This level can also serve as a profit point. Since the level is very strong, when you return to it, you will know that the level is likely to hold, close positions and open from the level down.


This trading method will significantly increase the number of profitable trades.
From time to time, the price will move from one level to another in the same direction throughout the day, giving many entry points.
Good luck!

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