The reason for the stagnation in trade

Many times people who are trying to reach a new level face an invisible obstacle in their business.
At that time, the life it became a routine. It seems to us that there is no change in the life and there is no way to go. This is quite unpleasant.
In those periods when it seems to us that our development has stopped, we become unhappy, because, after all, progress is the key to happiness.

There are three reasons why we feel like we’re marking time, and sometimes it’s a combination of these three reasons:

1. Your fitness

Poor physical condition can increase negative emotions. Sports activities provoke positive emotions. When you are physically active, you change your state of mind and destroy your negative blueprint. Therefore, maintaining good physical condition will trigger positive emotions, which is one of the key ways to get out of the rut. Develop a positive state of mind and get rid of everything negative by changing your physical condition.

2. Time limit

One of the reasons we think we are stuck in one place is excessive attention to the past or the future. But constant thoughts about the future or the past will not change anything. As you know, the past cannot be changed and the future is unknown, so there is no point in worrying about them. We have the right to change only the present, that is what we should focus on. Stop flying in the clouds of the future, stop suffering from the past, take care of the present.

3. Sitting on the plateau

Why do some people make breakthroughs that take them to the next level, while others can’t? What is the difference between a teacher and an amateur, a creator and a speaker? The former go deeper to find an answer that will help them overcome the stagnation, they do not stop fighting and searching and eventually achieve goals, reaching a new level.

5 signs that you are closer to a breakthrough

1. Routine.

you are tired of everything. You are tired of your financial problems, tired of your boring job, tired of carrying an extra 20 kilograms. Everything annoys you and you want to change something.

2. Dissatisfied.

Whatever you do, it no longer works for you. It may not be profitable or uninteresting. Or maybe he is tired of the lack of energy, which, in his opinion, is necessary to achieve the desired result. Perhaps your current method has been successful in the past, but is not suitable for their actual conditions.

3. Border.

This is the time when a change is needed. If you are on the verge of bankruptcy or, for example, if you have serious health problems. This is the point of no return, you are on the brink of the abyss and the only thing left for you is to take a step make an effort to improve and reach a new level.


You are illuminated by an idea or a deep understanding of something that opens up a new world for you. You begin to see the world in a new way, you have found a goal that can help you out, your eyes burn.

5. Open the door.

The door opened… You enter it.
At this stage, you will feel a surge of strength, you will realize that not everything is in vain and you will want to move forward with great enthusiasm.

Don’t give up, don’t stop, study.

Good luck!

Traders, if you liked this idea or if you have your own opinion about it, write in the comments. I’ll be happy

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