The best stock market and trading blogs in English for 2022

What distinguishes a good professional is how much he or she informs himself or herself every day. It doesn’t matter what sector you work in. Whether you are an architect, a doctor, a designer or in marketing, whether you read the newspaper or keep up to date with twitter,

staying up to date

around what is happening is a

great tool

that helps us to improve.

As the saying goes,

“get updated or die”

; and although we are not going to be so fatalistic, we do recommend

“be updated or get out of trading”


Really, get out, because nobody is going to give you success on a plate. If you want that nice swimming pool then you’re going to have to earn it. And since you are going to work to get it, we are also going to get a big palm tree to give us shade and keep us cool in summer.

For this reason, we’re sharing

the best blogs about trading

and the stock market in


, so that you are never short of reference sites. Here we go!

  • X-Trader](, in addition to being one of the best trading forums, the site has a large library of articles on trading in Spanish.
  • Bolsa Classes]( one of the classics in the world of the online stock market in Spain. This blog stands out for the quantity and quality of its articles.
  • The Investment Club]( focuses on old ideas and new trends for investing money in the medium to long term.
  • Jose Antonio Madrigal](, one of the most respected Spanish investors. On his website you will find his books and very interesting articles.
  • Roberto Guadalupe]( is a trading and investment blog, specializing in the American markets.
  • El Blog de Wall Street](, one of the most authentic blogs about the stock market, with its own series of videos that we highly recommend.

We would also like to recommend the blogs of some of our



The factory

who are great experts in their fields:

Alexander Perez Wonges


and analyst of audio market es, a platform that broadcasts via audio everything that happens daily in the financial markets.

Trading and Stock Market for Clumsyby Francisca Serrano, is one of the most active blogs on this sector, with a lot of


information, both for beginners and professionals.

Robert Moor is a recognized stock market expert. In his blog he deals with the day to day state of the markets-aiming to bring you the keys to the worldwide markets.

Gabriel Fernandez Alavaworks as a professor of price and volume in futures markets, so his blog is full of great


and tips for daily trading.

And finally! We would like to remind you that these teachers are part of the Download Trading Platforms Masterclass, with 40 sessions of

financial training

full of insight and strategy from renowned experts, which will help you to begin trading with knowledge and success.

We hope to have helped you once again, may the market be with you! Trade Channel.

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