The 5 Best BROKER for Trading [Ranking 2022]

To be able to operate in the financial marketswhether through stocks, indices, raw materials, currencies, etc., it is essential to open an account in a broker.

Currently, there are a large number of brokers for online trading. For beginning traders, so much variety can bring them to a standstill.

In this article we have made a compilation of the best brokers to do Trading this year 2022.

You will learn which is the best broker, the differences between them and how to choose the online broker that best suits your needs.

What is a broker

the broker is the independent institution that acts as an intermediary. Organize transactions between buyers and sellers of a product in exchange for a commission at the time the operation is executed.

There are two main types of brokers:

  • Brokers Dealing Desk: are the brokers that they have money table, that is, those we know as market creators or Market Makers. They give counterpart to the operations of their clients.
  • Brokers Non Dealing Desk: are the brokers that act as simple intermediaries sending trades to the market. These do not give compensation to individuals, they don’t have money table nor do they send trades to the market. In this type of Broker we find the STP and the ECN.

As for the broker, there are many options, but you have to be careful when choosing one. Therefore, we will try to help you choose the broker that best suits your needs.

How to choose the best broker (in 7 steps)

We have tested and analyzed many online Forex and CFD brokers. To choose which are best brokers we could look at some key aspects that I summarize in 7 steps:

  1. reliability: see that it is a broker duly regulated by a rigorous body and that our funds are safe, being able to deposit and withdraw them without problems.
  2. Financial instruments: you should notice what financial instruments offers the broker on which you can trade (currencies, stocks, raw materials, etc.).
  3. Accessibility: Look for a broker where they require a minimum initial deposit that allows you to start operating with little money. Keeping risk under control at the start is important.
  4. demo account: recommended brokers offer a free and unlimited demo account over time that allows you to test its platform and its trading conditions without putting your money at risk from the first moment.
  5. Support in your language: the most convenient is that you choose the broker that offers support in your language so that any questions you have can be resolved quickly.
  6. Simple trading platform: It is important that you feel comfortable with the trading platform that your broker offers you in order to analyze the market and execute your trades. a good platform must be complete but easy to handlery to understand for the user.
  7. commissions: keeping this in mind will help you maximize your profits thanks to the “minimum” payment of commissions. Of course, at no time should you sacrifice the security that a good broker can offer you. Sometimes it is better to pay a little more before exposing yourself to certain risks.

Difference between Broker and Trading Platform

When we talk about Trading Platform we are referring to the tool made available by the broker their clients to enter the financial markets.

Whether or not it is successful will depend to some extent on how trustworthy the broker is and the potential of the platform it offers.

There are plenty of options when it comes to software. available in the market to obtain price charts and their subsequent analysis.

This kind of software is necessary for charting and is an indispensable tool for trading.

As for the broker, there are also many options, but you have to be careful when choosing one, even more so with the trading platform, .

In summary, the difference between a Broker and a Trading platform is that the Broker is the one who offers the service and the Platform is the means through which it is executed, in addition to serving as a trading tool.

Now that you know how to choose a broker and the differences between a trading platform and a broker, let’s go through the compilation to choose which one you want to start trading with.

The 5 Best Brokers for Trading [Top Brokers 2022]

In the market there are multitude of online brokers available to all investors. In this article we are going to select what we consider, in our humble opinion, to be the 5 best brokers for trading.

We have taken into account everything from order execution, commissions and spread, regulation, trading platform, etc. So let’s go with it.

1. tick mill

tick mill it’s a ECN type broker of CFDs on underlying assets such as Commodities, Forex, Stocks and Bitcoin.

One aspect that this broker stands out for is the numerous trading tools present on the platform.


  • Tickmill is a properly regulated broker. Regulations allow us to operate more safely and not just attractive offers.
  • Regarding commissions, Tickmill, charges depending on the type of account we choose (Classic, Pro and Vip). In general, they seem to me to be quite competitive commissions in all the accounts that they offer.


  • The commissions are not the same for all accounts, it can be a negative aspect. On the other hand, your demo account expires if you don’t use it, and other brokers don’t have that problem.

DTP assessment

  • simply It is the broker that I use to operate in real currently. I think this sums up my assessment. In addition to being one of the most reliable broker is one of the cheapest From the market.

2. IC Markets

It’s a Australian online broker of Forex Y CFDs.His way of working is reduced purely to intermediation, it is an ECN-type broker.

The account opening with IC Markets it’s pretty easy. We just have to enter our data in the registration form on your website and wait for the confirmation email to be sent to us.


  • The high execution speed and the ability to offer low spreads are one of its main strengths.
  • One of the aspects that I value best about this broker is the customer service, with a 24 hour service 7 days a week.


  • Although they are regulated by ASIC (Australian regulation), I miss that they offer FCA regulation. For me, it is more guaranteed regulation for a trader.

DTP assessment

  • I traded with Ic Markets live for a while and my experience was very good. I would absolutely recommend it.

3. Pepperstone

Pepperstone is an online broker Forex Y CFDs based in Australia, where enjoys a good reputation.

It’s about a ECN/STP type brokera pure intermediary, without its own trading desk (No Dealing Desk). Therefore, the trading orders that the operator launches are transmitted to the market.


  • broker regulated by both ASIC and FCA. You can open an account with a €100 minimum deposit. The spreads are also quite tight.


  • I believe that could improve their customer service in Spanish. It is one of the few disadvantages that we found.

DTP assessment

  • It is a reliable broker, with which you can operate with complete peace of mind. This is an important factor when choosing a broker to invest in.

Four. Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets is an online broker with which you can operate a multitude of financial instruments (Forex, CFDs, shares, bonds, etc.). It has a very good reputation in the trading world.

In addition to FCA regulation, through other companies in the same group is regulated by several major agencies.


  • Acceptable commissions. Broker of the most respected and reliable in the sector. Customer service, from its Madrid office, is a differentiating element.


  • To put some disadvantage, you can find more competitive spreads at other brokers.

DTP assessment

  • Some of the best brokers and with the best reputation in the market. With a greater variety of financial instruments with which to operate than those mentioned above.

5. ActivTrades

It is an international brokerage company that specializes in offering online trading services for Forex, CFDs and Spread Betting.

It is an entity regulated by the FCA, so the traders of ActivTrades is it so covered by the Financial Services Compensation Program (FSCS).


  • It does not charge commissions, only spreads. Although these are somewhat higher, it is an advantage that you only charge for one of the two usual means that brokers have to earn money (spreads and commissions).


  • The spreads you charge are also competitive, although it seems to fall short when it comes to account type options. However, with ActivTradesyou can be sure that you will have a more than satisfactory trading experience.

Assessment DTP

  • broker absolutely reliable to operate with all guarantees. Of the 5 named, it might not be the one I would choose, but it is a reliable option.

Comparative Commissions Brokers

An important aspect when choosing a broker is know the cost of the commissions and spread that it charges us for entering the market.

Regarding the spread, varies depending on the liquidity of each instant, hence in periods of low liquidity the spreads are increased somewhat. But under normal market conditions the spreads tend to vary little.

The commissions yes they are fixed, they only vary depending on the size of our lot. Let’s see it in detail in this comparison:

Regarding the commission, we will take into account the fixed commission for 1 lot. It usually varies very little.

conclusion (Choose the Best Broker)

With hundreds of brokers offering their services, deciding on the right trading broker can be a difficult decision.

as a trader, you should always pay attention to where you are investing your moneyand not in choosing the first Forex broker that crosses your path.

If with all this information, you still do not decide to choose a Broker, from Trader Business School We can help you choose the one that best suits your needs and your level of knowledge. If you are interested in starting in the world of Trading but you are still not sure where to start, you may be interested in our Free Trading Course for beginners or our more advanced courses.

Choosing the best Forex Broker requires intense research, but we, with our reviews, we have pretended make your way easier and help you choose the perfect broker for youa broker you can trust.

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