With age, mental clarity deteriorates, we get tired faster, and can’t focus on completing tasks for long. At the same time, age is not the only reason for performance decline. the style of life also plays an important role in this.
Poor nutrition, lack of sleep and lack of exercise, constant stress, smoking and environmental pollution factors all lead to damage to fragile brain cells.

Our brain is very strong, and if we help it, it will work at full power again.
Today I want to share with you five ways to improve the work of your brain.
Let’s go!

Healthy Fats

To improve the cognitive functions of the brain, as well as the prevention of mental and affective disorders, it is recommended to use flax seeds, salmon and walnuts in food, since they contain a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids.
These acids enhance and support your brain’s ability to adapt to different situations, improve memory and increase learning ability.
Many studies have shown that the use of omega-3 fatty acids increases a person’s IQ.
Furthermore, a lack of omega-3 fatty acids has been shown to lead to the development of mental disorders.

Green Tea

Green tea is recommended to protect the brain from the effects of free radicals. It is full of nutrients and trace elements, rich in antioxidants. Also, green tea promotes fat burning and increases the metabolic rate in the body. Green tea helps improve short-term memory and improve the cognitive functions of the brain.

Physical activity

The positive effect of physical activity on the brain has been known for a long time and has been repeatedly demonstrated.
Some people think that physical activity means a lot of intense and hard sports, but this is not the case. Scientists have shown that it is enough to take a walk 40 minutes at least once a week. Such activity improves neural connections, reduces the influence of age on brain function, and improves cognitive abilities.
In addition to walking, warm-up exercises have a positive effect on the work of the brain. Scientists have proven that the inclusion of warm-up exercises in daily activities improves brain function, helps to cope with tasks faster and better.

Foods that stimulate brain activity

Proper nutrition and diet are very important for brain function.
Scientists have shown that children who ate before school absorbed the material better and were easier to learn. Also, people who followed a proper healthy diet had a lower risk of developing brain disorders in old age.

To improve brain function, it is recommended to take the following products:

* Dark chocolate. It has been shown to improve the brain’s attention span and concentration.
* Broccoli. It is rich in vitamin K, which is known to improve thinking and cognitive abilities.
• Blueberries. Contains anthocyanins and antioxidants that support interneuronal connections in the brain and help prevent memory loss.
• Nut. They contain a large amount of magnesium, a trace element that is responsible for improving both short-term and long-term memory.
* Pumpkin seeds. They are a source of zinc for your body, which is extremely necessary for improving memory and thinking skills.
* Vegetables, asparagus, olives, and whole grains are also rich in vitamin E, which likely helps prevent cognitive decline, especially in the elderly.

The superfoods mentioned above contribute to the activation of the intellectual resources of the brain, improve memory and increase efficiency.


Surely you have turned on the music more than once during the workouts to better tune in to the physical activity. Also, people listen to calm music to relax. And the training?
Classical music has been proven to increase concentration and improve the level of self-discipline. Furthermore, it was shown that students who listened to Mozart’s works in context demonstrated the best results in spatial and linguistic information processing.

Scientists have shown that music reduces stress levels, which has a positive effect on brain function and reduces the onset of chronic diseases, mental disorders, and slows down brain aging.


Our brain, like the rest of the body, needs care.
Proper nutrition, physical activity, and music help improve brain function.
All of these tips will inevitably lead to a new level of brain activity.
Take care of your body!

Good luck!

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