Should I quit my job and dedicate myself to the Stock Market?

Should I quit my job and dedicate myself to the Stock Market?

When you do the numbers and see the return potential offered by the stock market You may be tempted to drop everything and plunge headlong into that world.

After having learned some Technical Analysis, having seen some videos trading in real, or having spoken with a successful trader, the desire to embark on that adventure seems closer and possible.

And on many occasions the person who shows that interest begins their training process in their free time. He has many things to learn, so he is taking his first steps and entering that territory with expectation and enthusiasm.

There comes a time when you run into the first difficulties. Perhaps after all this trading is not as easy as it seemed… perhaps it is necessary to learn something more than four tricks, perhaps you need a process of systematic study and training that delays the arrival of the much-desired consistency over time.

In that moment of doubt, it is relatively common for one of the questions that is asked to be to leave everything and go public full time. After all, the potential is there and it is only a matter of technique to “milk” the market… On the other hand, it is no less true that after all the work day, focusing on continuing to dedicate time and energy to the markets, It is not an easy task. Perhaps the mediocre results you get are precisely because you are dividing your attention between your job and the desire to be a trader…

It seems logical, from a certain point of view, to think that if you only have the free time left by work and the rest of your obligations, your progress in the world of the bag it will be slower. And it is even reasonable to think that if you could leave your job and focus exclusively on developing your skills as an operator, everything would go faster and would reach consistency in less time.

Unfortunately, if one leaves work to dedicate himself to the Stock Market, he will incur in a situation of extreme pressure. You will go from being relaxed learning to needy learning. From being confident that you can meet the expenses of your lifestyle with your work, to needing to earn at all costs. This is a very bad situation. The market cannot be demanded.

If we put too much pressure on ourselves we block our ability to perceive and we stop operating objectively. The mind urges us to make decisions under the pressure of needing money… and those decisions are not usually good advisers. That is why leaving your current job with the desire to concentrate your efforts on the Stock Market It’s not a good idea. It is not unless one is already consistent. If you already earn regularly part-time, perhaps you can take that step with confidence. But if you haven’t yet developed the set of skills and competencies necessary to be a good trader, dropping everything and focusing on trading will likely take away your chances.

Do you have a job that leaves you only a little time? Do you feel that your training process is not as fast as you would like? Are you tempted to drop everything in pursuit of your dream? restrain yourself. Take perspective and do not let the urgency advise you. The market will be here for a long time and you should not be in a hurry. So it is better that you do not rush and give yourself permission to continue step by step and with good handwriting.

That is acting in your best interest.

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