Shop and Pray

In recent days the media have taken the opportunity to talk a lot about the Stock Market. To the bad news of the crisis and the dismal macroeconomic results, the losses suffered by many listed securities have been added. Several European countries, including Spain, have intervened in their markets by suspending short trading in an attempt to curb certain aggressive bearish positions. The small investor who has bought shares in recent months will have most likely seen their returns in danger, and that is, the old strategy of buying and praying, “because in the long run the stock always goes up” is far from a brilliant idea.

Without specialized knowledge and the ability to apply it in real time, investing in the stock market is an adventure for the intrepid suckers. Markets follow the zero-sum model: what one gains, the other loses. Most likely the other is the one who is not prepared, is not informed, is not trained, does not know what he is doing, does not understand… but he follows his heart, his intuition and his impulses. These people make decisions generally based on fear and greed, literally giving their savings to the market. Other investors who have done their homework are happy to take that money.

The stock market continues to be an interesting option for the private investor, but as long as one participates in it with respect and having prepared in advance. To win at it consistently you need an investment system, and the ability to manage risk, positions and emotions. These elements can be learned and it is terrible to see that, having knowledge at their fingertips, there are so many people who continue to operate without knowing what they are doing. On the other hand, this knowledge is not easy to put into practice: one has to dedicate time, energy, passion and desire, a lot of desire. One of the most appropriate ways to learn to invest is following the steps of someone who already has this ability, for this reason Traders International We offer a training program based on individualized monitoring of our members’ progress.

This methodology allows internalizing a very powerful trading system, to operate in one of the most important markets in the world, in very favorable conditions. First, the conceptual foundations that support the system are established and then the expertise is developed by watching a trader operate live, and receiving individualized feedback on your own performance. Having a kind of personal trading coach accelerates the ability to overcome obstacles, allows you to find shortcuts to success, and is much more effective. Investing in the financial markets, yes, but in the hands of professionals and having done their homework.

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