Order Flow Indicator for NinjaTrader 8

The Order Flow suite, which provides premium features available for NinjaTrader 8 offers you tools to analyze trading activity using order flow, volumetric bars and market depth. Identify buying and selling pressure to confirm market movement in a specific direction as trading action unfolds through order flow visualization.

Order Flow Volume Profile Indicator for NinjaTrader

Analyze the distribution of trading volume over price for a specific time interval to identify significant support and resistance levels with this comprehensive visual display.

  • Multiple Display Modes
  • Graph volume, delta, ticks or price
  • Displays control point and value areas

Volumetric Bars NinjaTrader

Volumetric bars track buyers and sellers tick by tick, giving you a complete view of the trading action as it unfolds.

  • Footprint Visualization
  • Displays unevenness in order flows
  • Market delta analysis
  • Identifies volume concentration, absorption, exhaustion, and inconclusive auction patterns

NinjaTrader VWAP order flow

Identify key price thresholds and measure momentum with volume-weighted average price (VWAP), a moving average that also incorporates volume data.

Deviation bands indicate price levels where buying and selling pressure is anticipated.
Confirm trends and monitor price breaks.

Delta Cumulative Order Flow for NinjaTrader

Monitor aggressive buying and selling with Delta Cumulative, a visual display of the net difference between buyers and sellers at each traded price level.

  • Confirm or reject trends and measure market strength.
  • Monitor buying vs. selling pressure to detect market reversals.

NinjaTrader Depth Map for Order Flow

Analyze the range and visualize important trading events on charts. A powerful combination when used in conjunction with the Depth Map for Order Flow.

  • Monitor trades based on buyer or seller activity
  • Display based on trade size or accumulation
  • Depth Map for Order FlowHistorical and real-time display of the limit order book giving you a clear picture of market depth and order flow.
  • View limit order book progression
  • Easily identify supply and demand

Is the order flow indicator free?

No, we recommend you try some of the features that come for free but if you want all the order flow tools you will have to purchase a license. 

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