One of the most promising IPOs

Nubank has been giving a lot to talk about in recent months, and from Download Trading Platforms we want to tell you what it is about because it could be an opportunity to expand your investment portfolio.

What is Nubank?

Nubank is one of the biggest neobanks in the world, with an innovative business model thanks to offering online services without physical offices, and with a great commitment digital. And the good news that we bring you is that he is preparing for his stock market debut in New York for this December 8. What most calls our attention to this company, and the reason why we want to mention it, is that Warren Buffett, Tencent and Sequoia Capital they are behind it, being its main investors. And if we know anything, it is that the success of a project can be measured in units of Warrent Buffets: 0 means prosperity (or not) normal. 1 or more is completely successful. “It could become the most valuable bank in Brazil” Let’s see your story In its early days, this company started by issuing credit cards. And perhaps this concept may sound familiar to you since we have been able to see that numerous companies that opted for this service have not become profitable, but the case of Nubank it has been different, and today it has diversified by offering retail and wholesale accounts, investment instruments, loans and insurance, instant payment services and partner products. Quite an expansion! with his IPO this company has the objective of achieving greater business growth together with a large expansion in Latin America. which would make her the biggest bank from all over Brazil. “Warren Buffet has invested in the company more than 500 million dollars”

But before continuing, what is an IPO?

In order not to get involved, we need to know what an IPO is and why it is so important, so pay attention.

An IPO is a Initial Public Offering , that is, when the shares issued are destined mainly for institutional investors and, to a lesser extent, for individual investors. During this process the company ceases to be private and becomes a public offering. And why is this done? A IPO it is used to raise new capital from private shares that had been invested in the company before it went public. After its debut, a company’s shares become available again on the open market so there would be more competition when buying them.

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It’s going to be one of the biggest IPOs this year

The importance of the IPO of NuBank is all the expansion that they are going to achieve once it is done, since the potential valuation of the company after the IPO could be $50 billion , with a valuation of 30,000 million, making NuBank the most valuable digital bank in the world. To put it in comparison, its closest competitor, Klama was valued at $46.5 billion in June 2022. “Such a high valuation is just the beginning” The Latin American market has untapped potential and Nubank is preparing for its global expansion. And for all this we believe that it is an opportunity that you should take into account.

How to invest in NuBank?

Spanish investors we can also participate in their debut thanks to fredoom24 the online holding platform Freedom Finance Europe, regulated by the US Securities Commission. INVEST IN NUBANK to invest in Nubank  you just have to create an account in fredoom24
and then enter the amount you want to invest (with a minimum of $2,000 for shares between $8 and $9). Also, through Fredoom24, you can invest in other IPOs that you find interesting. But be alert! Applications to participate in the IPO of NUBANK
they are only admitted until 08/12/2022. Click here to start investing.


And how does the allocation of shares work?

Freedom 24 warns us that, due to the number of investors, you may receive shares for an amount lower than the amount you placed the order since only part of the correlate can be executed. The allocation fee, depending on the IPO, is 1%. But of course, the money from the shares that haven’t been bought up to 62% is Returned to current accounts. The platform also reminds that the assignment depends on the client’s evaluation. This will be influenced by the number of operations, light care or previous investments in other IPOs. So, if you are a beginner investor, your share allocation could be lower than that of a user with a long experience. In conclusion, we have our eyes on this company. All of their market analyzes foresee a great expansion and if so, this would be the best time to invest in the company and own its shares. We hope that with this blog we have helped you discover a great opportunity!

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