NO tick system – Flexibility in TRADING decisions

Flexibility in trading decisions

Very good traders! How are you? Today we are going to talk about something that is not discussed much in the world of trading. We are always looking for how to win but it is very important how to avoid loss Losing in trading is always something that is there, but how can we make sure that those decisions we make do not have a catastrophic impact on our trading account?

How to be a flexible trader?

In this blog post we will talk about flexibility. We’ll talk about the flexibility of the decisions we makeof how they affect the results of our accounts.

We are going to differentiate 2 types of traders:

  1. There are professional traders who have a lot of money and whose decisions influence the market.
  2. There are the retail traders who think we have a lot of money but not really, who do not influence the market, that is, with our decisions we are not going to do anything at all.

Both, although we all try to win on the stock market, the way we behave against the market is different, that is, neither professional traders can operate like retail traders nor retail traders like professional traders, why? Because retail traders are used to assuming a great risk in order to obtain a return that represents an interesting profit for us, on the other hand, a professional trader cannot do that because he is not going to risk millions of dollars to earn 30%, it would be absurd.

The key, be flexible and manage emotions in trading

As a general rule, retail traders are few flexible when making decisions and the professional trader is a very flexible person and here I mean that when he enters the market he does not do so with a large part of his assets, he does so with a small part and depending on how the market behaves. price are making the decision to add or remove contracts within the market, block or cover that position so as not to continue risking more.

This is a concept that very few people teach it; retail traders when they enter the market decide to apply a system and it is glory or death and that can perfectly be profitable but it has a part that makes it really very difficult. We are emotional beings, human beings, there are days when we get up and we are more content and days when we are sadder, it is like that, it cannot be eliminated, but you have to learn to manage emotions Already take decisions so that those decisions do not they have a disastrous impact on our trading.

Days like this will be present and that is when you have to take flexibility into account, because if you are not flexible you can pay dearly for a mistake.

Instead, professional traders are flexible and that flexibility it’s just you can make a decision or multiple wrong decisions no significant consequences in the trading account being able to reach at any time Reverse the situationthat’s really flexibility.

Therefore, a trader, apart from having a system, must be able to manage a position because you could really trade without a system, but the most important thing is to have a set:

Because what is going to make your system profitable is risk management, don’t forget it!

You can get to trade without stock, regardless of what the price does, simply what you are going to do is manage the position and take it to where you are most interested continuously depending on what the market is doing. If on top of that you have a good market reading you will be able to continually make decisions that accompany your price to the movement of the market so that at some point you can take part of that benefit, this is called NO TICK SYSTEM.

No tick system

With the non-tick system we simply operate by reading the market with proper risk management and tick because we continually hold on to the price wherever it goes.

Advantages of the non-tick system

This non-tick system is characterized because it has 3 advantages:

    1. The first thing is that you trade without stock, you simply have a daily loss limit that you have to respect.
    2. You will be able to move the price or you will be able to move your entry wherever you want when you are trading. We have entered here and the price goes there and we decided to take it there, yes, it is possible!
    3. When something is not favorable, it will end up being favorable later. The market keeps going up and down.

Something important that you can learn to do is learn to cover your operations, that is, you can make a decision that at the moment is not favorable at all and when certain circumstances occur that make that operation already favorable. You can do anything, but with common sense.

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I hope you liked this video and you know, if you are not profitable with one account you will not be profitable with 5, so be very careful and risk management.

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