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Automate the execution of Forex Trade with Ninjatrader

Ninjatrader is a leading negotiation platform in the free use industry for advanced graphics, strategy backtesting and commercial simulation. In addition, the software includes semi automated and automated trade functions to help reduce stress and help you stay focused on your favorite currency markets. Automated commercial function!

Connect ninjatrader to market data

Congratulations! He has downloaded and installed the award winning ninjatrader platform. The following steps are to launch ninjatrader and connect to market data.

The 11 best Forex brokers with Ninjatrader

The Ninjatrader Software Package is known for providing the most intuitive futures negotiation platform for CFD negotiation, actions, Forex and futures contracts. In this complete list there are 11 of the best Forex brokers with Ninjatrader in 2020.

Ninjatrader is a software package developed in 2003 by an American company known as Ninjatrader Group, LLC based in Denver, USA and offices in Chicago, IL (USA) and Germany.

The company also owns Ninjatrader Brokerage, which is an introduction broker registered in the National Future Association (NFA) for the trade of futures and currency products.

Ninjatrader has more than 1,000 additional applications and more than 60,000 users from more than 150 countries worldwide.

Ninjatrader Pros and cons


By way of summary, in Ninjatrader you will find everything a trader needs: Addons, native indicators, integration with powerful Order Flow tools, options for renowned brokerage services, low commissions, real time data, customization to taste, etc. But above all you will have the possibility of accessing and testing the tool for free. Therefore, you don’t need me to recommend it, try it and then tell me what you think.

Is Ninjatrader safe?

If we take its regulation (NFA) as a reference, it is not a supervisory agency itself, but allows you to offer these services through association with other brockers.

Actually, Ninjatrader offers its services as “Introduction Broker.” Acts link with two intermediation companies to offer access to futures markets:

Is Ninjatrader really free?

Ninjatrader is really free to use for the Paper Trading. Once you have a winning system you will have to connect through the Ninjatrader API with a broker account, so you have to pay the license.

Can you use Ninjatrader in a MAC?

Ninjatrader only works in Windows systems. Using a MAC makes you need to use a Windows based partition to run ninjatrader correctly in that partition.

How to use Ninjatrader?

The software has to be installed on a personal computer. The software can only be installed in Windows systems.

Start ninjatrader

Double click on the direct access of the Ninjatrader 8 desktop on your desk to start the operations platform. When Ninjatrader is installed, the 32 and 64 bit versions are included and there are probable that there are 2 icons on your desk.

The icon with the “Ninjatrader 8” label is the 32 bit version and the one that has the “Ninjatrader 8 (64 bit)” label is the 64 bit version. It is recommended to use the 64 bit version, since it is optimized for the architecture of the CPU of your computer, but you can select any of the icons. In any version, you will have access to the same configuration and data.

If Ninjatrader is launched for the first time, a connection window will appear where you will have the opportunity to create an account connection. If you requested a future data test, this is where the credentials of the demonstration account that you received by email are introduced.

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