News funded accounts Earn2trader and Uprofit

News funded accounts Earn2trader and Uprofit

I would like to show you the latest news that the companies that are dedicated to financing professional traders have told me.

When we choose a financed or funded account we have to study well what its evaluation process is like, which is required of us, but it is also important to assess the conditions once we are financed, because if we finance ourselves and then it is impossible to withdraw, what is the use?

News in Earn2trade financing

broker change

This is the first novelty, they will start working with Dorman Trading, which is one of the main world brokers.

What benefit does it give us that Earn2trade starts working with Dorman Trading?

smaller commissions

For professional traders, that is, for those who are already financed, they will benefit from the fact that the commissions of their operations will decrease, therefore, when we make an operation, the benefit will be greater because the commission is smaller. .

Trading on the DAX

But in addition, they will be able to offer traders who are in the evaluation process as well as those who are already financed the possibility of trading with the DAX or EUREX futures because as of today there is no major company that offers the possibility of trading the DAX during the evaluation.

This will have an extra commission for that data. They are trying to negotiate to make it as cheap as possible, so when I have that information I will let you know.

Free course on Earn2trade

They have a free course that is useful both for those who are new to trading and for those who already know something. This training is in English with the possibility of subtitling it in Spanish but as a novelty, they are dubbing those videos to pass them into Spanish.

News in financing of Uprofit trader

It is a company with which I will start financing myself the moment I finish with Earn2trader

Profit Advantages

It allows financing in 10 days and you can operate during the news in the evaluation, once you are financed you cannot do it.

Also, it has a smaller profit on the 50K funded account so it is easier.

It is a financing that is very similar to the Oneup with the difference that the maximum daily loss does disqualify in this case.

Once you are financed, this company is characterized in that it is very similar in some ways to Oneup and that is that you have to have a cushion of money before you can withdraw. One of the novelties is that they will be able to withdraw money. If you withdraw from the first day to the 40th day since you have the account funded, you will receive 50% of your withdrawals and if you withdraw from the 40th day they will give you 80%

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