Nano Crypto Futures got off to a great start

Coinbase Derivatives’ new Nano Bitcoin futures are off to an incredibly strong start. The daily production volume already exceeds many popular and long-established futures markets.

Each Nano Bitcoin futures contract is only 1/100 the size of Bitcoin, giving traders of all kinds the opportunity to participate in the Bitcoin market with less financial commitment. Trading a Bitcoin futures contract offers traders significant advantages over the “spot” Bitcoin market, including a centralized, regulated market and the ability to go long or short. These distinctions are not available when trading in the spot or underlying Bitcoin market.

NinjaTrader’s Jim Cagnina joined special guest Boris Ilyevsky, Head of Coinbase Derivatives Exchange, on a recent episode of “See the Futures”. Watch them discuss the different ways to use futures to participate in the excitement of the Bitcoin market, the benefits of Nano Bitcoin futures, and what’s on the horizon for the Coinbase Derivatives Exchange.

Topics include:

  • A look at Coinbase Derivatives Exchange, its history and what’s to come, including Nano Ether Futures
  • Benefits of Nano Bitcoin Futures for Bitcoin Enthusiasts
  • Review of the advantages of futures trading over Bitcoin spot trading
  • How do nano-contracts help individual traders manage risk more accurately?
  • Explain why trading a derivative like Nano Bitcoin Futures allows pure price speculation; and why it’s essential for anyone interested in participating in the Bitcoin market
  • Review the price action of the Nano Bitcoin futures chart since its release
  • Exploring Nano Bitcoin Futures Price Action and Volume as a Global Commodity
  • Correlation Analysis of Nano Bitcoin Futures vs. Spot Bitcoin, E-mini S&P and E-mini Nasdaq

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