Multichart Analysis

Multicharts. What is and how to use it?

Multicharts is my favorite trading platform. I use it with Interactive Brokers as an alternative to Tradestation.

Multicharts has other competitors too, but it seems that it compares more often with Ninjatrader.

Ninjatrader use for my discretionary trading with Orderflow thanks to the end packages alg.

Although I like that ninjatrader can be used for free while you learn to “encode”, for me, multicharts is easier to use and under my most powerful and stable view of view

Backtesting with multicharts

Multicharts Multicharts Tick-by-Tick tool is designed with precision in mind. It is the best I know.

Takes into account multiple factors; including changes and differences in prices, liquidity, sliding, commission, currency, interest rate, initial capital and position size.

Is multicharts the trading platform you need?

Multicharts is a versatile trading platform designed by the creators of Tradestation. Dedicated to professionals who take their investments seriously, it has support for more than 10 recognized brockers, access to more than 20 feeds and includes at least 300 strategies and indicators to facilitate an exhaustive technical analysis.

Automatic strategies, great support and customization

  • the automation strategies that can be tested
  • The possibility of using several programming languages
  • It is not an economic platform


Multichart analysis:

Currently in its 12 version, this advanced market evaluation software is designed to automate strategies in several runners simultaneously, make backtesting and customize high definition graphs. Ideal for day trading and longer operations, use Easylanguage, C# or Visual Basic so you can program the parameters you need at will.

The choice of or the original version depends entirely on the functionality you look for. Thus, the first option includes the same advantages as the second, with the bonus to be enabled for C# and Visual Basic. If you have preference for these programming systems on Easylanguage, you can take more advantage.

I consider that it is a solid and flexible platform, with many technical tools, however The best thing is that you try your possibilities first hand. Within their Main characteristics, I can’t stop mentioning:

  • Indicators and strategies. Due to its development and support within the community Trading, this software has an extensive collection of strategies and indicators at no cost. In addition, you can create yours or import more.
  • Scanner of market. The tool par excellence to find opportunities, here Nor is it the exception. You have the possibility of filtering more than 5,000 instruments to match your search criteria. You too It allows to include alert indicators and create your own graphs with the corresponding symbols to have a more detailed vision.
  • Backtesting Portfolio dynamic. This function is designed to apply Symbols strategies at each bar, which establishes operations optimal at a given time. Ideal for technical analysis, it contributes to knowing What strategies are the most profitable.
  • Charing The fifth Multicharts essence is composed of its great ability to obtain information Detailed and precise visual. This is achieved through a lapse analysis Multiple negotiation, great capacity for interaction with graphics and a time fast response to make critical decisions when needed.
  • Support of Easylanguage. Considered as a standard programming language Within the industry, it has a development of at least 20 years. Their versatility allows you to import any code, develop studies or change them according to your preferences. It also has one of the libraries of larger trading ideas that exist.
  • Optimization Strategy genetics. It is an option that includes a complex algorithm that proves the inputs in the same way as biological evolution. More efficient than trying thousands of Combinations, save a lot of time to find optimal parameters.

Familiar with Multicharts will depend much on your knowledge about Easylanguage and your experience as a trader. Instruments such as future and options require a more complex analysis than Forex. That is why its handling is subject to your goals or trading style with which you are more comfortable.

If we put on the balance functionality, backtesting options, programming languages, The number of indicators/studies and automation, we can say that It has a medium-high learning curve. My recommendation is that if you are Starting, you dedicate a prudential time to your learning.

Multicharts price

Get all the benefits From this recognized platform it is very simple. Accounts with a series of plans to choose according to what you want to pay and depending on the time that You expect to take advantage of this software. The main options are

  • 3 months. This alternative costs you $ 297 or + $ 99 per month.
  • 6 months. With this variant pays $ 497 or + $ 82 for the license.
  • 1 year. This plan gives you permission for 1 year and is worth $ 797 or + $ 66.</li> <li>Forever. With this option you get 1 free year of FX Data (2 years of historical ticks and 11 years of bars) and is priced at $ 1497.

The Multicharts license can only be used by an owner on a computer or device and you can cancel with visa, mastercard, bank transfer, PayPal and more. In addition, if you want to change to, they have a special $ 199 special rate to make the transfer effective



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