Microcrude futures top 1 million contracts traded

Since its launch a month ago, 1 million microcredit futures contracts (MCL).

micro crude oil futures from the CME Group are a smaller version of the NYMEX West Texas WTI Intermediate Crude Oil (CL) futures contract, which is a benchmark for global oil markets. Each MCL contract represents 100 barrels of oil, or 1/10 the size of the standard CL futures contract.

“Since its launch just a month ago, we continue to see strong interest around the world in our smaller Micro WTI crude oil contract,” said Peter Keavey, Global Head of Energy at CME. Group. “Our benchmark WTI futures have historically been the market’s choice for managing crude oil exposure, and the uptick we are seeing in new clients using Micro WTI crude oil futures demonstrates the value of robust transparency and price discovery that our marketplaces offer traders of all sizes.”

“The rapid growth of Micro WTI crude oil futures contracts further reinforces growing demand from self-directed traders for smaller, more flexible contracts,” said Martin Franchi, CEO of NinjaTrader Group, LLC. “This increased accessibility to such a dynamic market has clearly resonated with our community of NinjaTrader users and new retail traders discovering the benefits of futures trading.”

Benefits of Trading Microcredit Futures

  • Leverage and Liquidity – Like the standard crude oil futures contract, micro crude oil futures are highly leveraged, providing a powerful way to increase capital efficiency. The theoretical unit of the modest microcredit contract is 100 barrels.
  • Lower Financial Commitment – Traders will be exposed to the crude oil market with lower capital requirements. Using NinjaTrader Brokerage, you can trade MCL with intraday margins of 100
  • Greater flexibility – MCL is only 1/10 of the standard micro crude oil contract, which provides more granularity to trade with smaller margin requirements.
  • 24-Hour Trading – These contracts are available for trading 23 hours a day, 5 days a week, allowing traders to react to any new policies or fundamentals affecting the crude oil market.

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