Micro WTI Crude Oil Futures Released July 12

Mark your calendar! Since July 12, WTI Crude Oil Micro Futures They will provide a new, cost-effective way to access the world’s most liquid crude oil contract.

Micro WTI Crude Oil (MCL) futures are 1/10 the size of a WTI crude contract providing access to the same benchmark contract with robust discovery and price transparency, but with lower financial commitment.

crude oil chart

Crude oil futures have been on a strong uptrend over the past 6 months. The NinjaTrader CL chart with a 21-day high/low volume indicator and monthly volume profile areas shows Crude Oil rising above the highest prices we’ve seen since 2022.

Advantages of Crude Oil Micro Futures

  • Scalability – Add more granularity to your energy trading and risk management strategies by using Micro WTI Crude Oil Futures to adjust your crude oil market exposure.
  • Versatility : Micro Crude is a perfect complement with its E-mini WTI Crude Oil and its standard term counterparts WTI Crude Oil. This allows you to choose the contract size that best suits your goals as market conditions change or peak season approaches.
  • capital efficiency – Access the same features and benefits as the world’s most liquid oil futures, WTI, in a smaller contract size with smaller margin requirements and price transparency.

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