Micro-cash futures exceed 30,000 contracts traded

Launched just over a week ago, CME Group Micro Treasury Yield Futures has traded over 30,000 contracts.

“We are delighted with the initial support we have received from clients and market participants for our new Micro Treasury Yield Futures during their first week of trading,” said Agha Mirza, Global Head of Rates and OTC products at CME Group. “Micro-yield futures complement our strong suite of US Treasury futures and options and are our first contracts to benchmark the performance of current Treasury securities. This means that market participants of all sizes who want to gain exposure or, more specifically, hedge against US Treasury auction issues now have a tool with increasing liquidity to help them achieve these goals. .” .

Top Reasons to Trade Micro Cash Futures

  • Adjust your exposure : Target the opportunity and increase exposure to the Treasury market with a small contract size.
  • High leverage investment : Benefit from leverage on futures contracts to obtain a higher contract value with your capital. Leverage can lead to losses in excess of initial margin and traders should be aware of the risks associated with futures trading.
  • financial efficiency : Small contract sizes and low margin requirements are ideal for those looking to reduce their financial exposure. You can trade these contracts with NinjaTrader with intraday margins as low as $50.
  • Exact hedging opportunities – Add more flexibility for position management to your trading strategies by using micro contracts.

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