Methods to improve your trading

Any professional trader must monitor his daily routine.
Traders make a schedule, follow it, and remove it from the life what is unproductive.
Beginners don’t spend enough time making plans.
A typical trading day for beginners may consist of constant monitoring of price movement, even during lunch.
Today we will talk about how to make your trading day calm and productive.

1. sleep

Sleep is still an important part of any person. Do not neglect sleep, because sooner or later the body will require rest, without which it is simply impossible to trade calmly and in a disciplined manner.

Needless to say their Attempts to trade, analyze the market and stick to your trading plan with a lack of sleep will simply not succeed. Perhaps the first and most important way to ensure a proper trading regimen is to provide yourself with a full, good night’s sleep for at least 7 hours a day.

* Do not drink coffee or other caffeinated beverages during the day. Try drinking herbal tea instead;
* Don’t go to bed late thinking you can sleep the next day. Research shows that our bodies function most productively when we go to bed at dusk and wake up at dawn. This means that you should go to bed early and wake up early;
* Create a suitable environment for sleeping. As a general rule, this means that your bedroom should be cool (ie not too hot), dark, and quiet.

2. Healthy breakfast

It has long been known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
After sleeping, the body needs a boost of energy. Find time for a healthy breakfast every morning: eat the necessary amount of protein, whole grains and some fruits.

As soon as you wake up, drink a large glass of Water . Most people don’t do that. The Water Drinking saturates your body and also helps control your appetite between meals, and since your body is mainly made up of Water it is necessary, first of all, to drink Water instead of any other drink.

3. Physical exercises

Regular exercise is the main key to your motivation, attention and focus in everything in your life. life , including trade. Physical exercise gives us a good physical and mental feeling, and this is very important for the development of proper business habits and productivity.

Regular physical training will keep you focused at the highest level, it will also help you sleep soundly at night, which, as noted above, is an extremely important factor for the proper functioning of cognitive activity, which is obviously crucial for the success in trade.

4. Hobbies and entertainment

You definitely don’t want to become a commercial hermit. You don’t want to become a guy who sits in his underwear in front of charts hoping that their positions move in your favor and allow each win or loss to affect your happiness.

Trading is a way to potentially improve your life but it doesn’t have to be your life . To be successful in trading, you need to have outside interests to take your mind off excessive market analysis and to feel happy and secure.

If you don’t have a hobby yet, find one. Even if your hobby is just spending time with your family, that’s fine, just don’t be the “guy” who sits in front of the charts all day, because, I assure you, it’s not good for you and your trading.

5. Plan your day

Be sure to plan for key chart levels during or at the beginning of the week. Take some notes on the trend, your trading edge, possible trading signals you see.
The easiest way to do the analysis is when the market is closed, so you will avoid the pressure caused by price movement. Make a plan for the week and every day and follow it without paying attention to the noise.

The famous French microbiologist Louis Pasteur once said: “Chance favors a previously prepared thought.”

6. Practice your trading strategy

This may seem obvious, but if you haven’t mastered your trading strategy yet, or if you don’t have a trading strategy, you won’t be able to develop a trading regimen. Many traders start off in the wrong direction because they don’t have a clear trading method yet, but instead have a vinaigrette of different trading methods and “tips” that they read here and there, mix it all up in a pile, “thinking” that thus obtained their business strategy.

You need a trading strategy that you can learn and master, that makes sense and is simple.

7. Discipline and consistency

Discipline, routine, and patience are things that people often find “boring” or uninteresting, but they should not be perceived this way at all, especially with regards to trading. You have to understand and accept these things as the ones you make money with in the market. After you review them in light of “discipline and life are beneficial and useful,” will take on a different meaning for you.

Remember: trading should not be a random event with no firm structure or approach and no underlying regimen, and if that is the case, you will end up wasting all your money by giving it to the market. You need to develop your own trading program that fits your schedule and personality, and then stick to your trading regimen, maintaining cool discipline so you can see how it works in your favor over a long trading period and earn you income. .

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