Install Ninja Trader on IPHONE iMac iPad

Ninja Trader for IPHONE iMac iPad

NinjaTrader App

Install Ninja Trader on IPHONE iMac iPad. Mainly, as I am an Apple fanatic, we will talk about how to operate with ninja from the Iphone, IMac and Ipad, without forgetting Android or Windows.

If you have not used an application to trade with Ninja, I will present you the one that for me is the best app. You can do trading, futures trading, there are even brokers. Sometimes you have to buy it and rent it if we are operating in real but it is magnificent. Its only drawback is that it only works with Windows

Learn to Install Ninja Trader on IPHONE

Ninja Trader for IPHONE iMac iPad

Use Boot Camp

Boot camp is a tool that comes with all IMacs that allow you to run Windows. It creates a partition for us and in it we install in OS It is a solution for use Ninja Trader on a MAC

Install Windows on your MAC with Parallels RAS

It creates a virtual Windows console in such a way that your IMac is booted and at the same time you have Windows booted. Your computer has to be powerful because it means starting 2 Operating Systems at the same time

Use a cloud service

Specifically, I’m talking about the website. This is a simple page, the prices are very good and the hiring support is intuitive. One of the great advantages is that it gives you free credit so you can test the platform and thus test how to do Trading with Ninja Trading.

You can use it from any mobile, tablet or computer. You don’t depend on a UPS if the power goes out. You work with a team as powerful as you need. You don’t have to buy Windows license. You pay for the use of the hard drive.

You can go to the App Store and search for “microsoft remote desktop” and install it.

You log in and you will access the Cloud server configuration. You add a new PC by entering the name of the hosting and after entering the following data that they ask you for, as I explain in the video, Windows will start.

As it is a VPS I can use it from any computer

How to operate with Ninja from mobile?

We open the app ROClient We connect with Uprofif and it will open directly from the mac.

I hope you liked this video, now you know the VPS and how working in the cloud you can access it from any mobile device but especially for those of you who do daytrading

If you have more questions you can leave your comments here and I will solve them for you and if you want to improve your trading operations you can start with the free online trading course.


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