Ideal Trading App

What would be an ideal trading app?

The main thing should always be security. You have to have a broker app that is regulated and make sure you have identity verification steps or passwords to access it. There are many applications that will ask you for a 4 -digit code, many others a pattern and the most advanced trading applications can ask for recognition of a fingerprint or a face detector.

Whether you are an expert or not, it may be that you do not know the application or that you prefer to use it for a while before operating with real money. Many applications have a demo that will let you try all your tools so that you become familiar with the interface.

You have to be clear that there will be many limitations regarding a desktop version, it is logical and we already comment above. The screen size can never be the same and many tools will be missing. If you are used to using one and you see that its mobile phone version has a difference, you are still facing a very positive point to decide for it.

Once again and this is something basic, keep the ability of your mobile. Do you have enough space for him? How are you going data? RAM? All these factors greatly influence, because you can have a fairly fair mobile phone and that causes the application to go very slowly and the user experience is really bad.

Simplicity, we seek simplicity. The simpler, the better. In this way, you can perform operations in a totally effective and rapid way. How is the interface? If all the tools are in sight, positive point.

Advantages of a Trading App

  • Greater freedom: You can operate from wherever you want. Are you on the way to a family visit? Don’t worry, you just have to grab your mobile phone, open the app and launch an order. Order made.
  • Totally free apps: applications are totally free, you don’t have to pay anything extra to operate on them. Install, configure and launch orders.
  • Negotiations at the moment: before any variation in the market price you can invest at that moment or retire quickly.
  • Simple apps: almost all trading apps are quite intuitive to use. You do not need a deep learning of your interface. It is a matter of minutes to do with them.

Disadvantages of Training Apps

  • Low coverage: If the coverage of your mobile phone is lazy, be very careful, could harm you when operating. You just have to take it into account.
  • Internal memory: You may have the mobile phone up to the stops, and this will make you cannot install the application itself, or simply get it much less fluid. Make sure before and release space for application.
  • Differences with respect to the PC version: it can be and is likely that there are differences between a mobile phone version and that of the PC itself. Some available tools or functions will not be designed for mobile, such as multichart visualization, trading on graphics, social trading in real time and its options, etc. The application focuses on the indispensable and basic so you can operate.
  • Sizes: In the end the screen is reduced, so the size of the data and graphics on which you work will also be. You will not be able to perform large data analysis on a small screen. For these types of operations you will need inches.
  • Mobile data: This type of applications can lead to the end of consuming many data. If you can use them with wifi, better.

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