How to Select and Copy Successful Traders in Social Trading

One of the keys to Social Trading is to see and understand the profiles of the Top Traders that operate on the platform and publish their operations so that they are visible to everyone; before you start following them and copying it.

It is essential:

  • Understand the profiles of the Top Traders.
  • Profitability and consistency as essential values ​​in Top Traders.
  • Analyze the data that can be found on the NAGA social trading platform, in the Top Trader classification section.

Top Trader Values

Before deciding which Top Traders you want to follow, you need to define what are the values ​​and characteristics you are looking for in a trader. Two of the main values ​​that you should consider are: cost effectiveness and the consistency. The cost effectiveness it is important because the trader must have financial freedom to be able to operate. The consistency it is to be consistent with what is being done and to do it with common sense. Don’t get too excited or nervous about not getting what you wanted. In the markets we must always see things in the long term.

How to find the information of the Top Traders in NAGA

Once you have decided the values ​​that the Top Trader should have, we will see how and where you can find this information and relevant data to be able to choose the most suitable Top Traders . We will analyze the NAGA platform and see the data it offers us and how we can manage this information to select the Top Traders that we want to follow and copy. As you can see, they give us a lot of information that we must learn to filter and understand to find the best. One of the main tools is NAGA Top Traders Leaderboard and your trading statistics. Traders enter the platform and trade and are ranked, based on the profits they make or if they trade more or less.

Always keep in mind that past returns, do not presuppose future. Nobody here guarantees you 200% that you will get the same thing you got in the past.

Another thing to consider is the operational risk which refers to the fact that no matter how much you want to do it well, no matter how much you believe that he is a person with common sense and with a fixed strategy, he can have errors in operations, with the platform, with the internet, with the network connection , etc. When you start trading on the platform you must take the risk that something may fail at some point and you must know how to manage it emotionally.

Application of filters within the classification of the Top Traders

Within the classification section you will find filters that will allow you to make personalized searches, based on your interests, among all the data that the platform provides. The main filters are: type of information, period, location and people. the filter people allows you to find the investors you would like to copy and see the people who follow you. The Location It allows you to decide if you want to search for traders from all over the world or only the people who are closest to you. The period delimits if we do it in the long term or in the short term. Inside of the type of information we  must assess the following sections: Benefits realized : here you are ordered, in the period you have stipulated, the traders who have achieved the highest returns, but only from closed operations. That is to say, it is the sum of all the operations closed during that period and what they have represented in profit and loss. The profit for copiers it is what Top Traders have earned from their copiers, from the people who follow them. the best copied they are the people who have made the most money by copying an operator. They are people who have known how to choose the good Top Traders and have achieved the benefits that are posted here.

Bonus per copy earned:

This is a measure for you to see what a Top Trader can earn by being copied. Funds managed: They are guarantees that are open in the market. Better profitability: here the return on investment is calculated, the return on the guarantee. That is, profitability is subject to the type of product chosen. For example, if you use €200 of guarantee and you are operating for €20,000, it is not the same as using €200 in telephone and operating for €2,000 is 10 times more, then the purchase and sale spread is applied to the €200 not at 2000 of 20,000

The most copied:

It tells us the followers it has had during the marked period. The more followers, the more bonuses, more commissions, more volume, more of everything. It’s about doing it right and adding followers and not losing them, and trying to be constant and keep up

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