How to replicate accounts in Ninja Trader 8? TUTORIAL

How to replicate accounts in Ninja Trader 8?

Good morning trader’s! Again a video that you requested so to replicate accounts in ninja trader?

You already know that the same Ninja license can only have one rhythmic or Cqg connection. What interests us is rhythmic because it is the one that works with funding companies. What do we have to do? We can have several teams with their Ninja installations and that replicate the operations of other accounts.

In my case, what I do is have several contracted VPS servers where Ninja installations are made with each one’s account and they replicate the operations that I do at home. Therefore, that has a plus since, the day you earn $200, as you have two more accounts that replicate, in this case, it would be $600 profit, always within risk management.

What is the use of replicating accounts?

  • Do you want to manage other accounts?
  • Do you want several accounts of yours to replicate you and not spend hours and hours operating because you have to use one account and another?

On my page you can see the indicators for Ninja Trader 8 with which you can replicate the operations from one account to another with Ninja Trader 8 installations. From this page you can contact the developer, it is only in English.

What do you need to replicate accounts in Ninja Trader?

  • Have multiple computers or multiple computers with your Ninja Trader installation on each of them
  • Another possibility is to have several VPS (several servers where there is an installation in each of them)

On the screen that I show you in the video you will see my computer in the background and in the two open windows you will be able to see each of the VPS servers that I have, one for uprofit and one for Earn2trader

Step 1 – Install the Ninja Trader Indicator

We have two installers, one that serves as a server, from where the operations are sent, and another that serves as a client, which is the one who receives the operations and replicates them.

    1. We open Ninja Trader
    2. We give Tools or tools
    3. We select import and Ninja Script appears
    4. We select the indicator file (it must be compressed)

Step 2 – Setting up the Ninja Trader indicator

    1. We open inside the “indicators” panel
    2. both in the one that is going to act as a server and in the one that is going to act as a client, we have to say “since it counts”
    3. Configure the coefficient, it is basic but it allows us to replicate with the same contracts as the master account
    4. We connect and the configuration process of the Ninja Trader indicator would be finished

In the video you can see some examples of operations with the account replicator

I hope you liked this video and you know, if you are not profitable with one account you will not be profitable with 5, so be very careful and risk management.

If you have more questions you can leave your comments here and I will solve them for you and if you want to improve your trading operations you can start with the free online trading course.


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