How to Pay Less Taxes in Trading?

How to pay less taxes in trading?

How do we have to pay taxes on trading? What do we have to do to pay less taxes on trading? In addition, since we are obliged to pay taxes, how much do we have to pay? Well, within that legality, as little as possible. How? Well, that is what you will learn today and also the benefits with funding companies.

Taxes on trading

How much do you have to pay the Treasury if you earn money from home and trade? With trading, you have to pay between 19% and 23% today (2022). You have to pay as “CAPITAL RETURN

Up to 6,000 profit you pay 19%. From €6,001 to €50,000, 21% and from then on, 23%. This is so in Spain, which is where I pay tribute. This can change for each country.

Myths about trading taxes

Funding companies manage third-party capital and that is illegal in Spain

Who told you that you are managing money from third parties? You are working for a company that can manage third-party capital but you are providing services, therefore, you are not managing third-party capital, you are not doing anything illegal.

When you fund, who tells you that you are not operating a demo account? Yes, paid, but it is a demo account, there are funding companies that give you demo financed accounts and tell you directly in the contract you sign.

How do you have to pay what you earn from the financed accounts?

For pay less taxes on trading With what you earn from the funded accounts you can do it in two ways depending on two circumstances that may occur, depending on the frequency of withdrawal of your benefits.

If you withdraw every month for a year you have to be registered as self-employed, because it will be very difficult to justify to the Treasury that you are not carrying out a continuous activity.

Nor do you need to be registered all year, you can be discharged, when you go to withdraw you register a few weeks before.

But what happens if you only withdraw a couple of times a year? that you do not need to register as self-employed. Do you know how you have to declare it? What “equity increase” as if it were almost a benefit of the game.

Trading will be taxed as “capital returns” and the financed accounts we will pay taxes as “equity increase” An increase in assets is compatible with your work and with your non-work. So it will depend on what you want to do to declare it one way or another.

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