How to Live from Trading | 10 Useful Tips

After seeing zillions of ads about “how to live from trading with a thousand euros”I have decided to write this article.

“Do you want to be free? Earn money from the armchair of your house.


Here we are going to talk about reality. No cheap marketing.

Living from trading is screwed. What if, you can get to make your trading profitable. Although living from it is something else.

But let’s not anticipate events, that is precisely why I am here. At least I am going to try to solve some of your doubts about trading by giving you a realistic and direct perspective (I hope).

I am going to give you my point of view on how to monetize the money, money, without your head blowing too much smoke.

Here we go!

1. To live from trading you need systems and patience

This is yas or yas!

Indeed, my main piece of advice is don’t get too emboldened into wanting to go too fast to make a quick buck.

One of the main problems of beginner traders is that they are obsessed with obtaining profits as soon as possible and making their trade profitable in 2 days and… this is not possible. Also, if this happens constantly it leads to quick and painful losses.

Therefore, my trader… SAY NO!

You need to get investors to make your trading sustainable. You should think that the more capital you have, the less risk you will need to assume.

What does this mean then?

Well, plain and simple, with 2,000 or 3,000 euros you will not be able to make your trading profitable, so do not mess it up too much at first, show that you are profitable and looking for investors.

2. Learn to manage risk if you want to make a living from trading

Before fully delving into which methodology to apply, you should know that it does not matter without risk control.

By this I mean that it is true that prevention is better than cure, so keep in mind that you learn about this. Throw numbers on losing trades and worst case scenarios.

Keep a cool head to know that there will be losing streaks and you will have to deal with it.

3. Learn to control your trading by yourself

Of course, one of the greatest lessons that I have learned since I dedicate myself to this world of trading, is to worry about my own operations.

One of the keys to this is to try and err, test and err, until you come up with the right strategy for the market you want to target.

That is why it is important that you have one or several well-defined strategies. Because it is the only way to measure your results. Nothing to buy external, that does not work. Or not long.

4. Don’t quit your job, build bridges

To be a master trader tomorrow, don’t let your immediate emotions manipulate your trades. By this I mean that there will be months and even a few seasons that it is really difficult to be absolutely satisfied with your operations, but that does not mean that you should abandon the process, on the contrary, you should continue.

And please, especially at first, do not focus your life on trading, much less, do without your job. Initially, you can develop your strategies while you work on something else.

Personally, I do automated trading, you can rely on tools for it without programming.

Don’t stress, keep going.

5. Be consistent

In trading, rewards sustainability and be consistent with your cost effectiveness. Although it sounds a bit ambiguous, what should matter most to you is not the capital you manage, but the percentage return.

Focus on doing things right. If at the first chance you have doubts and you go from branch to branch looking for the holy grail, you will never achieve your final goal.

It sounds easy, but when we talk about money it’s the most screwed up.

6. Avoid blowing up your account

There are many people who do the typical “I open an account, I close an account”. This is NOT testing and therefore this is NOT going to help you advance.

If you change every 2×3 you can’t draw conclusions about what’s wrong.

We call this mental fraud in which traders see opportunities where there really are none and start doing various crazy things like the one I told you about in the previous paragraph. overtrading.

I will also talk to you in more depth about this term later on, so I don’t want to mess you up too much right now.

7. Do not get overwhelmed and learn to lose

Living from trading is not easy at all (number one thousand that I repeat), but it is an incredible feeling when you see that what you do begins to bear fruit.

Living from trading, in fact, does not necessarily entail proclaiming yourself a winner in all the operations you execute, but rather that the balance is positive.

Find the balance in your favor between winning trades and profitable losses.

And this can be perfectly achieved in the long term, without obsessing too much and learning from your mistakes.

8. Money needed to live from trading

If we talk about living from trading only with your money, in a country like Spain, I would tell you that to start trading quietly the amount you need is 100k.

Then it is clear that it will depend on your lifestyle and the profitability you get, but if I have to give a figure, it is that.

I did not start with that amount, I started with a small account of 2,000 euros. Hardly anyone starts with 100k and you really shouldn’t start like that. The good thing about starting small is that the mistakes you are going to make are also small.

From being profitable with these amounts or greater, you can now look for options to grow.

9. Make trading your business

If you are serious about trading you should see it as a business.

The good news is that every day there are more options to do it. But don’t see it as a hit and bye, like a Wall Street movie.

As I said before, if you show that you are profitable, opportunities will rain down on you.

From my point of view, you can scale your operation starting in 4 specific ways, which we will talk about in more depth in future posts, but which I present here so that you become familiar with them:

  • Own capital: your money.
  • Raising capital from investors on platforms such as Darwinex or Psyquation.
  • Through management in an investment fund.
  • With the management of funded accounts: be careful with this, in many cases it is not the best option (we will talk about this in future posts).

10. Trade only with good platforms

In this sense, do not be shy at all, we are talking about goose pasta.

if we talk about brokerschoose a regulated one, in constant communication with you and that has good trading conditions (commissions).

To finish, and since I know that you are wondering how to know if so-and-so is profitable or not, what I would tell you is to ask for audited results.

In any case, as I have been trying to make you see throughout the article, making a living from this is not easy, but it is not impossible either and it depends above all on you.

There is no rule that dictates the path, but it is true that one of the main premises to take into account in this world is that in order to achieve that profitability that I have talked about at all times, it is very important to quantify what do.

And yes, it seems obvious, but very few people do it.

Thank you for reading.

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