How to learn Forex trading from zero

If you have heard about forex and think it could be an opportunity to make money, you may be wondering how best to get started. It is important that you understand the markets and the methods of trading the foreign exchange market. This will enable you to better manage risk and make successful trades.

What is forex trading?

Currency trading is a real type of trading that involves buying and selling currencies based on their value. As you know, each country has its own currency, so the focus of the trade is on how one of those currencies is priced against another, and making the trade with the difference. This type of trading can help you access currencies that are not directly available through your local banks or markets.

The difference between forex and other types of trading

Forex is a complex market. Although it may seem simple it contains many options, risks and variables. The biggest risk is the volatility of its markets. When a currency rises or falls, it moves from one price to another in a matter of seconds. For example, the US dollar has a relatively stable exchange rate but if there is a sudden rise in the dollar, this can have a tremendous impact on other currencies.

The best way to get started is to use an online platform that offers ready-to-use trading strategies, such as Copy Trading or Social Trading (

how to get started

  1. Learn the basics. Without prior knowledge of trading we cannot recommend that you join the foreign exchange market.

  2. Choose a broker that allows you to do DEMO trading, so that your first steps in this market are risk free and you can learn. A good broker to trade forex in 2022 is Naga, which offers a DEMO account with $10,000 of virtual currency for you to test your trading skills before investing real money.

  3. Search on social networks for Forex experts that you can follow, learn from them and keep up to date.

  4. Create a special bank account to be able to trade forex. This is a step that many beginner traders shy away from but it is necessary. It will act as a life-saving cushion while you are developing your expertise and if you are struggling to trade successfully at first.

  5. Learn strategies and put them into practice on the demo account. When you have done all this, congratulations, you are ready to trade Forex!

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May the market be with you!

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