How to achieve your trading goals?

How to achieve your trading goals?

Very good!! How are you all? I am Jhon and I am here one more day to talk about…OBJECTIVES in Trading!

It is very good to talk about objectives because it is the way we have to evaluate if what we are doing is going in the right direction or not. At the beginning of the year we usually set some annual goals that we then have to try to achieve.

What goals do I have to set if I want to make a living from trading? When do I want to be profitable with trading?

For someone who comes to the world of trading because they want to start earning money from home, the results are usually wanted now! of ya! of ya!

The most important thing when we set goals is to be realistic with them. What do I mean by this? sometimes we confuse goals with desires.

How should the objectives be?

The objectives have to be realistic, attainable, you don’t have to focus on what you want but on what you are capable of achieving. ¡Yes, goals based on what you are capable of achieving!

What I usually recommend to my students when I teach trading classes to earn money from home is to recommend some types of goals based on the loss limit, that is, set a monthly and daily loss limit and respect it, and this is your goal!

Set goals while operating in simulation

It does not matter if you are just starting out or if you are already a bit of an expert in investing in the stock market, the important thing is that you set a monthly goal for yourself, but you have to start with the simulated stage.

In the simulated stage you have to set three goals and you start to meet one after another, like this for three months and when you change to real you set another three trading goals until you meet them.

What has to be the first objective that you have to mark?

You don’t have to think about how much you want to win, but you have to think about how much you don’t want to lose! where is your loss limit.

An example of a trading objective: “this month I will not lose more than 1,000 dollars” and it is like that, no matter what you earn one day if the next day you fund your trading funded account. We all have days when we make money and days when we lose money, the secret is to lose little and win a lot. In this way, you will start to be profitable since you will control your losses and accept your limitations.

For the next month, mark yourself that you are going to end up positive, no matter how much you have earned, but only that you are positive. And the third month, if you’re getting the above the third month you end up earning something, whatever and whatever amount, but earning some money.

As soon as you achieve these goals, it’s time to move on to real-mode operations. Here you have to start with money, with a funded account, with a small trading account and repeat the objectives that you have been performing in simulated trading operations.

That is, your first month in real is: “lose no more than X money“, the second month is “end positive” and the third month is “end up earning an amount that is affordableand”.

What are you going to achieve by setting goals in this way:

  • Trust, which is essential. I continue doing my system because the numbers of my trading system support me and with them I manage to be profitable. Perhaps I have to improve other things such as my behavior in front of the screens, or know how to wait for market conditions, but the most important thing is that I meet my objectives in one way or another.
  • In that period where your goal is very low, you will learn how the stock market works, how the trading system works…

These goals need to be easily achievable and realistic based on your personal circumstances.

Do you want to learn to invest in the stock market and earn money from home?

I hope you liked this video and you know, if you are not profitable with one account you will not be profitable with 5, so be very careful and risk management.

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