Greed and easy money in the stock market

It is said that all coins have two faces, but in the stock market there is only one, which also does not correspond to the bullish or bearish options, but to the correct ones. It took me a long time to accept it and it took me more work than familiarizing myself with the more technical aspects of stock market speculation. Today there is plenty of preparation in the financial markets. There is an unlimited abundance of courses, books, and trading knowledge at the hand of a simple click, but knowing how to do the right thing, master greed, follow your trading plan is another story.

There are thousands of people who have fun performing imaginary operations (simulating) to prove, without risking a single euro, that they are right. Sometimes they win millions, because it’s easy to play with money this way. Without risking your own. It reminds me the anecdote of the guy who was going to fight a duel the next day.

– Can you shoot well? asked his godfather.

“Well… I can hit the foot of a glass of wine at twenty paces,” he replied modestly.

– That’s very good. The godfather didn’t seem too surprised. But can you hit the wine glass, while they point a loaded gun at you?

Throughout these years I have learned to measure what I can lose if I am wrong, to be sure that I must act, take risks and draw conclusions. I can’t wait for all the lights to be green, I can’t wait for the best possible scenario to start with. If I can’t move, then I don’t move at all. I continue with my plan climbing step by step. When I’m ready I act, win or lose (in real). I have made many mistakes, but I have always tried to draw the moral, gain some experience and learn what not to do in future occasions. I have melted several accounts operating on the stock market, but I have never seen myself in misery. It was always clear to me that I would have future opportunities waiting. I believed in what I was doing and I still believe. I am passionate about the Stock Market because it allows you to know yourself from the inside like nothing else in the world.

It is beneficial to study human behavior, the ease with which human beings believe what they please to believe, and how they are influenced by their greed, or by the cost of the average man’s neglect. It was very difficult for me to master greed, I was not satisfied with a small benefit every day, and this caused great losses of my money. Fear and hope remain the same, making the study of the psychology of speculators as valuable as ever. The weapons change, but the strategy remains the same, whether on the New York Stock Exchange or on the battlefield. He already said it masterfully Thomas F. Woodlock:

“The principles of successful stock speculation are based on the assumption that people will continue to make the same mistakes in the future that they have made in the past”

The naive has always tried to get something for nothing, and the appeal of all booms is always the instinct to gamble aroused by greed and fueled by all-encompassing prosperity. People looking for easy money invariably pay for the privilege of proving conclusively that there is no way to find it in this seedy land. Ego, vanity, thirst for revenge appear and all this causes people to found accounts: “The search for easy money”; This, among other things, explains why people do not get to belong to the exclusive group of the 10% who gain what the remaining 90% lose.

Many people through emails wonder what reasons exist for the vast majority to end up losing their money. It’s hard to say, but one possible explanation (partly influenced by this pleasure-seeking/quick-hit society) is that you don’t have the patience, discipline and humility to belong to the group of the Chosen. It’s hard I know. Patience to remove greed and the craving for easy money from your head, the discipline to do every day what your plan or your trainers tell you what you have to do, and finally humility so as not to be changing or testing thousands of new ideas. Remember the saying:

“Seek the best, match the best and surpass the best.” But for that you have to stick with the people who live on the Stock Market, know how they think, how they live, what problems they had to overcome: it’s all a marvelous process. Like life itself.

Whoever wants to earn a living in this trade must show confidence and self-assurance to any test. If you have fears, fears, doubts, it is better that you remain a simple spectator. I don’t believe so much in the classic courses, or in theory because then when you lose your money nobody is by your side to help you, everyone disappears and you find yourself alone. I’m lovin ‘it Traders International because at all times he is by your side to correct any deviation, to encourage you, because we have gone through where you are going now. This is priceless. That is why we say that the methodology is for life, because we understand that you will be a professional trader all your life, it is important that you choose your travel companions well on this exciting path, if you wish. Happy day.

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