In difficult times, investors are interested in the Prayed as has been done for a long time.
But what factors affect the price of gold?
Let’s try to find out today.

Central Bank Reserves

Central banks have fiat currency, but the Prayed also kept in reserve.
Since EE . USA abandoned the pattern Prayed central banks have been increasing their holdings of Prayed .
Overall, governments bought a total of 650 tons of Prayed in 2022, down from the 656 tons purchased in 2022, and still at 50-year highs.

US dollar value

The strength of the dollar affects the price of Prayed .
If the dollar is strong, then the price of Prayed is usually low.
If the dollar is weak, the price of Prayed goes up.
As a result, the Prayed it is often considered a hedge against inflation.
As inflation rises, so does the price of Prayed .

World demand for jewelry and industry

In 2022, jewelry accounted for more than half of the demand for Prayed which was 440 tons.
In addition, 7.5% of the demand is related to technology and industry, where the Prayed It is used to make equipment.
These directions, their growth or decline, strongly influence the price of the Prayed .

Welfare Protection

In times of crisis, the Prayed It has always been considered a “safe haven” for investor funds.
Time passes and the Prayed is still used, and even the arrival of bitcoin the situation has not changed much.
When expected or actual returns on bonds, stocks, and real estate fall, interest in investing in Prayed can increase, which causes its price to rise.
Furthermore, it is believed that the Prayed provides protection during periods of political instability.

investment demand

In addition to the central bank, the Prayed It is owned by exchange-traded funds that issue shares available for purchase and sale to investors.
SPDR Gold Trust ( GLD ) is the largest holder of more than 1078 tons of Prayed in March 2022. In general, purchases of Prayed of various investment vehicles in 2022 amounted to 1,271.7 tons, accounting for more than 29%. of the total demand for Prayed .

gold production

The main actors in the mining of Prayed world include China, South Africa, EE . USA, Australia, Russia and Peru.
The production of Prayed in the world affects the price of Prayed which is another example of how supply and demand are met.
The production of Prayed of the mine was approximately 3,260 tons in 2022, compared to 2,500 in 2010.
Every year it is more and more difficult to extract Prayed and this also affects the price.


The Prayed after several centuries, it is still used not only as jewelry, but also as an investment.
Every year, the price of production grows, the banks accumulate Prayed in their reserves, crises and other factors raise the price of Prayed .
Using the data, you can predict the rise or fall of prices.
In any case, nothing more expensive than information has yet been invented.

Good luck!

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