Opinion Trading Strategies Automatic

Conclusions about living from trading Living from trading is difficult, but not impossible. Playing in Barcelona is also difficult, but someone always succeeds. Basically, who lives from trading is someone who is capitalized and has found a balance between the trading system used and the risk that his emotions allow him to assume. The options … Read more

Automatic Trading

Automate marketing and sell automatic This is something you should do throughout the year, adjusting each phase of the conversion funnel, but that will also be especially useful during your vacation. If you still do not have an Automation Sales strategy in your online marketing, you don’t know what you are missing. Sales Automation is … Read more

First steps in trading

Tools to build an electronic commerce I know, you want to create your online store, but you are not a developer. For this, there are SAAS platforms (Shopify type) that rent the space of the online store where you can place your product easily and easily. It is not necessary to know how to program. … Read more

Ideal Trading App

What would be an ideal trading app? The main thing should always be security. You have to have a broker app that is regulated and make sure you have identity verification steps or passwords to access it. There are many applications that will ask you for a 4 -digit code, many others a pattern and … Read more