Knowledge vs. stock market sensation

I have talked many times with people who are interested in be consistent in the stock marketwhich fails because instead of using verified information, it uses bad information. It is essential that a trading system offer the participant a statistical advantage about the market. This allows your user to have the odds in their favor. … Read more

12 Errors when trading on the Stock Market

Many times the mere fact of knowing something that we should not do is of little use. The human being needs to previously experience the error to assimilate it. Since childhood they tell us: “don’t do this” and we quickly do it to realize that our parents were right. However, it never hurts to remember … Read more

Dragon Balls

Some people act as if trading were an activity similar to what they were doing son goku with the search for Dragon Balls: There are a number of elements to gather, put into place, and from there you’re done, you become a successful trader who can trade any market. These “magical” elements start out as, … Read more

The weakest link in trading

A chain is only as strong as the weakest of its links… it doesn’t matter if most of them are made of titanium… if there is one of them that is made of lead, the chain will break there and the others will have been useless. In trading and in the stock market the same … Read more

How long do I trade?

In the trading the results of your trading do not depend on the amount of weather you work, but on the amount of capital that you move Now, what is the optimal amount of time you should be in front of the screen if you do day trading? One hour, three hours, six hours, nine? … Read more

Win on the Stock Market

I write this post for people who are interested in financial markets but they don’t know how to win on the stock marketwhether they have tried without success, or whether they have never participated in a serious way. If you don’t know how to win and you participate you will lose money and you will … Read more