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If you like to travel frequently and look for the best country to operate or you are simply a nomadic trader that needs to connect from anywhere, Metatrader Webtrader is probably the best trading platform for you.

With this web interface, you can use the basic functions of MT4 and MT5 platforms directly in your browser, from anywhere and in any operating system.

You can operate both in Forex and other markets and benefit from basic technical analysis tools, such as trend lines or fibonacci, and 9 temporary frames.

As you can see, the webtrader metatrader interface is similar to that of MT4 and MT5 platforms and you can connect to it with your existing account.

All these characteristics, including mobility and ease of use, make it the best trading platform for those who prefer to connect in online mode.

What is a trading platform

A trading platform is the tool or software provided by the broker through which the trader opens, closes or modifies operations in a given market. Allows you to invest in the marked.

It also allows adding objectives and indicators to the graph to analyze the assets.

Next we will offer a list with the best trading platforms and its different versions.

It operates in Real with Ninjatrader without paying a license

In this article we will talk about how it is possible to operate in Real using the Ninjatrader platform but without spending its license. Save more $ 1000.

The first thing you should decide is if you want to operate in the futures or CFDs market. Both alternatives are valid.

Once you have decided this, go directly to the section that interests you.

Ninjatrader analysis

Ninjatrader, along with TrainingView and Metatrader is one of my choice platforms. And the reason why I seduce me so much Ninjatrader is because of the level of customization it offers (and I do not speak only of changing the colors of the elements in the Chart, when I speak of customization I mean the amount of tools with which The software has integration).

It is easy to fall in love with ninjatrader, too easy in fact, and although at the beginning the interface seems to be complex, the learning curve that involves the domain of the platform is rather short in relation to other market tools (I was much more difficult to master Jigsaw trading for example).

The possibility of having an ‘ecosystem’ (Ninjatrader Ecosystem) where it is possible to find almost any type of technical indicator and/or automated strategy make ninjatrader an alternative of which I cannot do without in my operation with futures.

It is also worth noting that if you do not want to use any ninjatrader complementary tool, it offers similar accessories in most cases, therefore from the same platform you will have access to the superdom, the tape, the volume Profile, volumetric candles, mobile socks, Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci, Macd, etc. We can even choose to customize our charts with Ticks graphics if we wish (not all platforms offer this option).

Those who pay the license for the new version of Ninjatrader (Ninjatrader 8) will be able to access an entire Set of Order Flow tools (what is the order flow?).


By way of summary, in Ninjatrader you will find everything a trader needs: Addons, native indicators, integration with powerful Order Flow tools, options for renowned brokerage services, low commissions, real time data, customization to taste, etc. But above all you will have the possibility of accessing and testing the tool for free. Therefore, you don’t need me to recommend it, try it and then tell me what you think.

Start with Ninjatrader

Ninjatrader is compatible with more than 500,000 traders around the world with a powerful and easy to use negotiation platform, discount brokerage and first class assistance. Ninjatrader is always free for advanced graphics and strategy backtesting through an immersive trading simulator.

What is the difference between futures and forex?

The fundamental difference between currency futures and the currency market in cash are the assets in themselves. With Forex, you change one currency for another. With futures, you negotiate financial contracts derived from a predetermined future date and price.

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