First steps in trading

Tools to build an electronic commerce

I know, you want to create your online store, but you are not a developer. For this, there are SAAS platforms (Shopify type) that rent the space of the online store where you can place your product easily and easily. It is not necessary to know how to program.

If in case you do not want to pay rent or online commissions, then the Open Source platforms (Wooocommerce or Prestashop type) is for you. To do this you will have to know how to program these platforms or in any case, get the talent that your store built and give it maintenance. If in case it is for a medium to large company, you will need and you will need multiple functionalities, then VTEX and Magento are two robust platforms.

Sales tools (marketplaces)

If you do not want to focus on creating an online store, lifting traffic or carrying out advertising campaigns, etc., and you want to focus on selling, marketplaces are the ideal tool. Most of these platforms have a huge amount of traffic, which you can take advantage of to make your sales.

25 + better electronic commerce tools for new companies

While there is a huge amount of electronic commerce tools from free to pay here we will give you the essential tools so you can already sell successfully online.

I have seen blogs that give tools that have little to do with electronic commerce. If you are a company that will only sell online or want to make more sales in this channel, you can not miss some of these ecommerce tools.

Sales arguments

During the different parts of your sales process (qualification, negotiation, objections and closing) ** you will have to talk to your customers. **

These conversations can be focused in 2 ways:

  • Starting from 0 in each of them.
  • Starting from a template or argumentary.

The great advantage of the second approach is that it allows you to optimize each of these phases little by little as you are doing more and more sales and you understand that parts of the argument work and which are not.

In short, an argument of sales is a commercial tool that consists in materializing sales speech in order to be able to rehearse and improve on the march.

Investments in the United States and tools to make them

The Wall Street sidewalk has always had a relevant role in the area of ​​investments in the United States and the rest of the world. This story began in 1792, at the time a group of what we now call stockbrokers organized the New York Stock and Exchange Board with a very clear objective: to have the possibility of controlling all the operations that were carried out freely .

At present, the most important control entity is the stock exchange and values ​​commission, which exercises the power of the United States Government regulatory agency. In this way, the objective of maintaining an order in operation and providing a regulatory framework for the protection of investors and companies is fulfilled.

How to invest in these bags

There is an essential step that should be taken to begin investing in the United States bags and is to choose an intermediary in a mandatory way. One of the most convenient options for beginners are the applications of investment platforms.

  • FOREXTB. Its interface is intuitive and friendly since it begins to be used. Educate its users with articles, electronic books, online courses, a demonstrative account for practices and videos.
  • XTB. A digital broker with almost two decades operating in the markets. It is one of the favorites for those who want to invest in CFD and also in FX. The XTB app has its own name and is xstation.
  • ETORO. It is very popular and has more than four million customers in the world. One of its outstanding characteristics is that its operation is similar to a social network, but with the goal of investing. It meets Europe’s regulations for user security, and the social trading it proposes is very attractive.
  • Freetrade. A British investment company that bases its investment operations in technology, so it also offers its own app. It was founded only five years ago. He focuses on young users interested in learning about investments and doing their own.
  • Plus500. One of the apps that presents an elegant design interface, and that its use is very intuitive. In it you can invest in raw materials, cryptocurrencies, actions and currency Fiat.

The importance of the commission for investors

There are different reasons why the United States Stock Exchange and Securities Commission (USA) is so important for all investors in the world. One of them is the interest that many of them have in investing in the bags of this country.
In the past it was almost impossible to think about investing in these bags, especially if one lived in another country other than the United States, an investment situation that has changed today

Technology puts online platforms at investors and their applications where they can invest in assets, currencies and raw materials in all bags in the world. Some of the most important US bags. UU. They are the following, and this information can be helpful if you are a user of an investment app and are interested in investing in the USA Stock Exchange.

  • NYSE (New York Stock and Exchange Board). The oldest and most important in the country. It is 2800 companies to carry out stock operations, and is regulated by the previously mentioned commission.
  • Nasdaq (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation): It is in the second position in the list of the most relevant bags, not only in the United States, but also from other countries. It can be operated with the actions of the most famous companies in different business fields, especially in technology.
  • CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange). This bag was inaugurated in 1973 and can be operated on it with more than 1200 companies.
  • MS4X (Miami International Exchange). The most “young” bag in the United States, among the most relevant considered for the investments of the country and the world. It is an important market for the assets of 27 bags from the Latin American and Caribbean region.

What are electronic commerce platforms?

Electronic commerce platforms are those that are optimized to make transactions, either from an independent website or through an application in content managers. They are the software necessary for companies to sell and connect with their customers.

Before you choose an electronic commerce platform, you must evaluate its reliability level. It is also adequate that you take into account the characteristics of the interface for your buyers, as well as the ease of use for you as an administrator, that is, to perform actions in the configuration and notifications panel.

Types of electronic commerce platforms

There are several types of electronic commerce platforms according to their development, the technology they apply and the objectives they cover.

That is why it is essential that you identify what is the operation of your business, what you want to boost, what your products are, how much stock you handle and other factors that will be decisive for you to select the most appropriate environment. These are some types of ecommerce platforms:

Characteristics of electronic commerce platforms

Electronic commerce platforms have advanced a lot over time to be more efficient and functional, since the high demand for online transactions requires that these spaces and their tools provide agility, safety and control. Each of these platforms is:

  • Virtual: It is a virtual space that operates on the network, so all its actions and impacts make them in the digital part.
  • Available: It is an accessible environment for all people and usable all the time, since its operation guarantees the possibility that any user can make a transaction, regardless of their location or time.
  • Integral: It is a platform that concentrates different activities in one place. As with a physical store, in this environment the user will find everything he needs to make a purchase.
  • Traceability: It is an important characteristic in electronic commerce platforms because it allows process flow, stage by stage, with agility, eliminating any obstacle to complete an operation.
  • Product management: It allows the management and control of multiple products by forming a well defined catalog, which facilitate the view, sale and monitoring of the items.
  • Customer management: These platforms help the administration of contacts to have proper customer management.
  • Logistics Management: It is essential that these environments give you everything necessary for transactions, from the product section, shopping cart, payments methods to shipments and their follow up, etc.
  • Flexibility: These are platforms that adapt to the operation of any type of business and products to sell them online, in addition to helping you link this environment with marketing efforts.
  • Intuitive: These environments and the tools that integrate them are increasingly intuitive, so that virtually anyone can handle them, even without the need for digital programming.
  • SEO impulse: These platforms are usually quite friendly in relation to SEO, by promoting visualization to search engines.
  • Scalable: This characteristics is important, since these platforms generally allow you to start with a minor operation, and as your business grows and the level of transactions you can increase the capacities and tools of your ecommerce.

How to be more productive: 10 tricks for short merchants

For business owners, time is the most important raw material after money, so the phrase “time is money” is especially true for merchants and since the day has only 24 hours, it is crucial that you learn from Use your day more efficiently, save time and, fortune, make more money.

There is a lot of information available on how to be more productive, most of the general public. However, in this article we present the 10 most important productivity tricks for merchants, which you can immediately implement to obtain measurable results.

What is your advice to be more productive?

What secrets have you discovered to be more productive? Tell us in the comments section.

List the pending tasks to perform

When you are trying to perform several tasks at the same time you can forgot some, unless you write it down. The lists of pending tasks are the cornerstone of entrepreneurs, since they allow them to see exactly what are the tasks they must perform and how to establish priorities.

The reason why many successful entrepreneurs claim that pending tasks lists have saved their lives is because they work. There are many ways in which a list of pending tasks can be organized; Some people prefer to start with the most difficult and leave the easiest to the end. At the beginning of every day, write the most difficult and pressing task at the beginning of the list and take care to complete it before moving on to the next task of the list.

Another method is to make the list in order of importance. What task would really affect your way of livelihood if it is not done today? They could be seemingly small tasks, such as paying the Internet or electricity account, but if they are not carried out, your business cannot work.

When you prepare lists of pending tasks, it is important to break down the largest tasks in smaller and more manageable tasks, so that the list can be effective. As when you write goals, it makes no sense to say “I want to run a marathon in six months.” Instead, you must break down that goal in smaller goals, as how many kilometers you should run every week, and what days do you plan to do if you want to reach that goal.

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